Milkmen feeds Surbiton guinea pigs

Milk bottles

Dairy Crest trials grocery deliveries.

Surbiton's newest pub landlord gets top award

St. Marks' Tavern profits up a whacking 700%

Since taking over the pub previously known as The Rat & Parrot in July 2005, publican Wayne Carruthers has attracted customers with a variety of welcoming improvements and events.

On receiving the Spirit award Mr. Carruthers said, "I don't really have a secret. Successful pub management is all about people skills and going the extra mile to make customers feel welcome and relaxed."

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Surbiton plumbing business sold for 57 million pounds

Centrica, owners of British Gas, have bought Surbiton-based Dyno-Rod from it's founder Jim Zockoll.

The deal earns Zockoll a private windfall of over £49 million. The 130 employees at the Maple Road office and 162 franchises are expected this year to create revenues of over £13m and predicted pre-tax profits of over £6m.

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Absolute Radio makes bid for Partridge patch

Surbiton based Absolute Radio's subsiduary Absolute Radio Norfolk has announced it will be bidding for a new East Anglian radio licence.

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