Hart's Boatyard houseboat residents to be evicted

County courts decide that the boatyard can legally evict tenants.

Judge Jenny Sally Williams regretfully agreed that the law needs changing to protect houseboat owners, but she had no choice but to allow the eviction.

Hart's Boatyard owner Ossie Stewart, 61, intends to evict the tenants, who formed the Friends of Boating Residents' Association FOBRA, and claim unpaid mooring fees which could total £70,000.

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Woman attacked by gang in Victoria Road

A group of ten repeatedly punched and kicked the 45-year old after leaving the Saucy Kettle pub.

Police believe they will find the assailants using CCTV footage they have. Detective Sergeant Simon Harding of the Metropolitan Police is calling for witnesses to help identify the group of youths, aged between 15 and 17 and said to be both black and white.

Anyone with information to do with the incident should call 020 8247 4945.

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Best beaten up in Victoria pub

Soccer hero George Best has been the apparent victim of an assult during his girlfriend's birthday celebration.

On Sunday night, while drinking with his Surbiton girlfriend Ros Hollidge, three men burst into the Victoria Road public house and began hitting an punching Best in the head. He claims the attack was arranged by someone, but so far no arrests have been made. Best is a well known regular of The Victoria pub.

Best made the papers last June, when was beaten up by Hollidge in Surbiton.

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Arsonists put end to Rising Sun

A second arson attack on the disused public house may finally condemn the pub to demolition.

August 2004, 25 firefighters fought to quell a deliberate fire that gutted the 200 year-old site. Now another attack has seriously damaged the structure, most likely putting end to any plans for it to reopen.

Once again it was discovered that the basement was to source of the blaze, after six fire engines were called in on the afternoon of Monday 14 February.

Property developers Exedra Architects who own the plot, hoped to use the land for residential development but their application was refused last November.

That they called The Rising Sun

The recently derelict Rising Sun pub in Villiers Avenue has now been completely destroyed my arsonists.

Though no-one was injured, tens of firefighters took over four hours to quell the blaze which gutted the 100-year-old pub. Police are suspicious regarding the cause of the fire as firefighters report that it was started in two places in the basement using flamable liquids. An investigation is underway.

The pub has been closed since January whilst the site owners await planning permission to build flats.

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Armed men con students

Tattooed con men tricked two students outside the Rat & Parrot pub into buying faulty goods and then threatened them with gun.

A tattooed con man convinced the students into parting with £200 for a lap-top computer and camcorder. Whilst distracted by a man in a car a second tattooed man switch the items for faulty ones.

When challenged, the two men threatened the students with a gun and drove away in the car, a maroon Vauxhall Carlton, towards Claremont Gardens.

Both men were described as 35, white with a shaved head and red and green tattoos on their arms.

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