Surbiton house prices up 14% in 3 months

According to the latest Land Registry information release last week, the average house price for the borough had risen 5% between April and June 2006 compare to last year.

Hart's Boatyard houseboat residents to be evicted

County courts decide that the boatyard can legally evict tenants.

Judge Jenny Sally Williams regretfully agreed that the law needs changing to protect houseboat owners, but she had no choice but to allow the eviction.

Hart's Boatyard owner Ossie Stewart, 61, intends to evict the tenants, who formed the Friends of Boating Residents' Association FOBRA, and claim unpaid mooring fees which could total £70,000.

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County Court orders travellers to leave

Spokesman says the National Health Trust site must be vacated by Monday July 11.

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Travellers challenge NHS over property rights

In a hearing last month the travellers argued that the eviction proceedings failed to take account of their health and safety needs.

The St George's NHS Mental Health Trust are seeking possesion at the County Court claiming unlawful occupation after the property on the Upper Brighton Road was occupied in April.

The Trust called for representation from the police, residents, and the Council, and is said to be acting quickly to resolve the situation.

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Buy the whole of Surbiton for £490,000

Offices, twelve farm-workers cottages, a house, garage, two dams and two mountain streams. Just 6,000 miles from London.

Surbiton, a farmstead in South African is for sale. With municipal irrigation water and drinking water, the forty-five hectares is site close to the Langeberg mountains and the Hermitage Valley. Ideal for citrus fruit; Satsumas, Navel Oranges and Lemons.

Available for auction March 23rd.


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