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Four of us had a fantastic meal at Bosco on Friday night.All went for steak .Fantastic !!! Best steak in Surrey .About time you can get a proper steak in the area.New chef seems to be doing a great job.Great buzz in the place.The best bar in Surbiton.


I go to Rubicon on a fairly regular basis and can assure you 'anonymous' that I've never ever seen any wannabe gangster chavs there....... That is one of the reasons I go there (which you obviously don't based on the evidence of your wide of the mark comment) and am prepared to pay a tad more for my drinks than I would in places such as Corky's.

I was in there the other week and it is like being on the set of hollyoaks just ten times tackier. That long haired 'thing' keith from eastenders was there when I walked past once. To sum up stay away unless you're an A level student or think you have what it takes to win the next x factor! When will us decent folk' from the area' finally get a place we can enjoy?????

Sorry surbifan, I am not going as far to say that this place is on par with Corky's but on the few occasions i have gone in there it seems to be full of the wrong crowd.
And as a local resident i still stumble in there from time to time so i cant discredit it to much :)

I was there the other weekend, i think its a pretty good bar IF you want a good cocktail or a decent spirit, its pricey but that's the price to pay if you want to keep the riff raff and wanna be gangster chavs such as those that go to that awful rubicon place.
Want a decent drink then go there, if not then there are plenty of other bars/pubs around.

Really good steak ? you must try Casa Viva then if you want the real business. My one at Bosco came with frozen chips and did'nt cut like butter !!

I agree. I'm not a pub person and much prefer bars. Bosco is smart and I've had a lovely time in there. All I would say is it's a shame about the tv screens everywhere. Why oh why does every drinking venue need a telly?!

I have never seen any of that type of thing going on, but have not been in there that often.

I also don't think it is particularly over-priced. Most drinks are actually a bit cheaper than the other nice places in Surbiton (Victoria, Gordon Bennett etc).

If you want cheap drinks, there is always Wetherspoons or Corky's, but I would not recommend taking your family in there.

Its awful and just a pick up joint for hookers. I would never take my family there.



Who did you pick up then?
The hookers are readily available in the classifieds of the Kingston Informer.

Bosso is a decent bar.
I hope it continues to offer something different from the norm.

Willliam is absolutely right, its cheap, tacky and full of chavs.

How very metro sexual,is the hotel part still open?

I disagree. I think they're over-priced and pretty standard to be honest... unless things have changed in the last few months (since I was last there), that is!

I do think though, that it's a good thing to have a bar rather than a pub as an option to go to, some of us prefer it.

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