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Bosco Hotel Surbiton - This looks very promising!

12 years ago...

I managed to intuitively work out the website! There are no menus. I just hope that this hotel and brasserie matches the slick design of their site!

Rooms: 20, Style and warmth, fantastic location, brasserie style bar/restaurant, contemporary Private Dinning/Meeting room.

Hotel Bosco presents an inspirational sanctuary to guests who desire that little bit extra.
Our bedrooms are at the high end of today’s contemporary style with comfort above everything else – the finest beds and the softest goose down pillows and quilts for that perfect nights sleep. All rooms are individually air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. Each room is also fitted with all the requirements of the modern business traveller, including high speed internet access, large flat screen televisions and working areas. Some rooms even offer a private terrace. Corporate guests have the added convenience of a fully equipped contemporary meeting room.

Classic Continental or traditional Irish breakfast is served in our informal restaurant.

Bosco Lounge has been fashioned for those who wish to drink and/or dine in a relaxed and warm atmosphere, whilst trying delicious modern cuisine devised by our Head Chef Bruce Wright, cooked to a very high standard and complimented by a well thought out list of wines from around the world. The comfortable surroundings and earthy colours of our bar make this a truly fabulous place rarely found these days. Whether you are in need of a refreshing cocktail after a hard afternoons shopping or a fine malt Whisky after a gruelling meeting, you will be able to relax in style. We also have private dining facilities.


aren't they being sued?

really? What for?

Frankly I think it has overestimated the market in Surbiton. We have been in 3 times and had pretty rubbish service every time. Food is way overpriced and it seems to attract the nouveau riche chavs. Still prefer the Vic for a down to earth drink.

Perhaps the council will move the scum from the YMCA to this hotel

I hope not. It would be nice to think that the Surbiton area could support a hotel like this.

Certainly, the bar and restaurant area seem to be doing quite well, but the room rates do seem quite high. Surbiton is very close to London, but it is not in the West End itself and you could stay quite centrally for a similar price. Casual travellers on local business are more likely to prefer the pricing of Travelodge/Antoinette alternatives, and I can't imagine it being too much of a tourist hotel!

It is a great addition to the town centre, so I would like to see it succeed.

I stayed there for 3 nights last weekend, fantastic rooms, bar and food first class, i will be back.

get away from your computers and visit the place !! its cool

We just thought we'd better let you know Hotel Bosco has it's own page in the Best / Worst section of the site where you're able to give a rating and leave reviews.

You can visit it here.

Bosco web site good? I think not. it portrays the place to be that of a members only sex parlor not a stylish hotel/bar restaurant in surbiton.

You're right. I just went on and there are no pictures of the bar or hotel rooms. Strangely dark photos that give no idea what the place is actually like....and it does indeed give the impression of a members only sex club. Very strange.

This does indeed look promising - nice menu, nice website, and the hotel looks quite swish itself. The only possible problem is location, as I am not sure who will want to stay in a hotel so close to the two worst pubs in Surbiton (Wetherspoons & St Marks Tavern).

I understand why they would want to boast a 30 second walk from the station, but this has its downsides aswell - putting a small hotel on Maple Road/The Crescent may be a slightly longer walk from the station, but they are nice locations that largely escape the noise and mess associated with it.

Either way, I will be trying this place as soon as it opens - I hope it is as good as it looks!

Bosco isn't bad at all - good cocktails and surprising cheap beer. A pint of Star is cheaper than a pint of Kronembourg in the Victoria down the road. The decor is cool though it looks a bit like they bought all the tables as seconds - every one has a crack in it. Heh.

I went past it tonight and there were quite a few people there. I noticed on the website that the menu is now there. The decor is modern and contemporary.

Lunch Menu

freshly shucked oysters – rock £ 7.50 native £16.00 mixed £13.50 per half dozen
meze platter £6.80
selection of rustic breads £5.20
beetroot and horseradish salad £5.50
goats cheese, butternut squash salad £5.50
finger sandwich .bosco dressing £6.50
bosco club sandwich £6.25
marinated winter veggie salad £5.75
smoke salmon, scrambled egg open bagel £6.80
crab and prawn risotto £6.50
honey spiced duck breast £7.20
white onion soup, scallop & chorizo £6.20
sardines roasted cherry tomato on toast £5.80
grilled livers, braised onions and raisins £5.80
F.O.D market price
sea bass hot pot £2.50
twice cooked lamb rump and aurbergine puree £13.80

purple spouting broccoli £3.50
cauliflower gratin £3.00
green salad £3.00
chunky chips £3.00

flourless chocolate pudding £5.00
rice pudding, roasted plum £4.50
coffee brulee £4.00
baked apple pie, white chocolate ice cream £5.00
cheese £7.50

Opening hours
Mon – thurs 12pm – 10.00pm, Fri – Sat 12pm – 10.30pm
Sunday 12pm – 5.00pm lunch served at 2pm, bookings taken
(Sunday lunch only)
Breakfast Menu

breakfast bagel with two fillings – bacon , egg mushroom tomato or smoked salmon
boiled duck egg with toast £3.00
bosco fry up- eggs anyway , bacon , sausage, tomato & bubble squeak £8.00
Bubble and squeak and beans £6.50
Irish salmon salmon with scrambled eggs £8.00
Smoked kippers on toast £6.50
Fresh fruit platter and natural yogurt £5.25

Breakfast hours
Monday- Friday 7 till 10
Saturday – Sunday 7 till 11

Mon – Thurs 12.00pm – 10.00pm, Fri – Sat 12.00pm – 10.30pm

Sunday lunch served at 1.30pm (bookings only)

freshly shucked oysters – per half dozen rock £ 7.50
native £16.00
mixed £13.50
meze platter £6.80
selection of rustic breads £5.20
herb crusted halibut, crab ravioli £7.50
crab and prawn risotto £6.50
honey spiced duck breast £7.20
white onion soup, scallop & chorizo £6.20
stuffed courgette flowers £6.20
sardines roasted cherry tomato on toast £5.80
calves livers, braised onions and raisins £5.80
roasted loin of suckling pig £13.80
F.O.D market price
sea bass hot pot £12.50
twice cooked lamb rump and aubergine puree £13.80
aged sirloin steak, braised oxtail £15.00
pumpkin gnocchi and season green £12.50
venison wellington – sharing dish for 2/4/6 people £40 / £60
shepherd’s pie, peas – sharing dish for 2/4/6 people £20 / £40

purple spouting broccoli £3.50
cauliflower gratin £3.00
green salad £3.00
chunky chips £3.00
creamy mash £3.50

flourless chocolate pudding £5.00
rice pudding, roasted plum £4.50
coffee brulee £4.00
baked apple pie, white chocolate ice cream £5.00
cheese £7.50

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