Burger Box in front of Surbiton Station is offering Cheeseburger for only £0.49 Next Sunday

15 years ago...

Hi, just bumped into a Facebook group called '' Burger box Surbiton '' which offers all its members very good discounts every Sunday. Next Sunday the 28th Burger Box Surbiton is offering:
Cheeseburger £0.49
Double Cheeseburger £0.99
Triple Cheeseburger £1.49

All you have to do is join the facebook group, get the very easy reference number and quote it when you visit the Burger Box.

They always have great deals every Sunday, last week was buy one get one free on all burgers and the week before that was a giant English sausage hotdog for only £1.00.


I just had what I couLd call thE best burger in the world. This guy cooked a double cheeseburger with double egg and wow... It was great. I wish he lived closer so that I could have it every day.

Best burger in the world. From Burger Box. You wouldn't happen to be the owner, would you? Of course not. What a stupid thought...

I go to the Buger Box every Friday and they do great food there I do love the hot dogs. The staff there are very friendly plus the guy that runs the place (I think his name is Paulo) is a great looking dish if I say so myself ;). They are allways doing great offers and if you are a regular they give you discounts. What else could you ask for great food, friendley staff and great deals which we all need with the finacial crises we all going through. I recomend the Buger Box to every one...

1200 members on Facebook

As a courier driver myself, i can tell you that i have been around. I have seen many burger bars and vans, but this one, the burger box is absolutely the best mobile food trading unit i have ever see. This guy has a facebook group with nearly 400 members. He sells fresh peri peri chicken, on his menu board he as a tv that displays promotions, he sells nescafe coffee, tetley tea and cadburies hot chocolate. His burgers taste very good, and to top it all, he uses heinz ketchup and hellmans mayonaise on all his burgers. I go there nearly every week and he is always busy.
This is no ordinary Burger Box, this guy knows what he is doing. I would really suggest that every one passing by should pay him a visit and see for them selves what i am talking about.

I'm not surprised the're going cheap as they can't sell them, nobody wants them, really bad burgers

Went there last Friday, really good triple cheeseburger with spanish chorizo.

Which one is Burger Box? The burger van?

Tehy do great burgers there. I wisehd i lived closer so i could have them every day. Much better than Micky ds

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