The French Table Summer Wine Dinner - Monday 8th June, 2009

15 years ago...

Following on from the sell-out success of our Summer Wine Dinner and Autumn Wine Dinner 2008...Giles Smith Walker, wine expert from the famous supplier Berry Bro’s & Rudd, is set to host one of the finest wine dinners to date at our restaurant. With years of experience supplying wines to the UK’s top restaurants and gastropubs, Berry Bros was the perfect match to the exclusive 5 course dinner. Working alongside co-owner and manager Sarah Guignard, they will provide interesting and intriguing details on how Chef Eric Guignard’s food best match the exquisite wines on offer.
(wines to be confirmed by BBR next week)
Cucumber gaspacho with smoked salmon tortellini

Pan-fried foie gras with parmesan flavoured panacotta

Cod with vegetable tartare, queen scallops and quinoa risotto

Suckling pig with apple puree, thyme jus

Strawberries and raspberries with champagne sabayon

“Our wine dinners at the restaurant are a great opportunity to give our customers a chance to sample some rare and excellent wines, fantastic cuisine, whilst making a friend or two along the way!”, said Sarah Guignard. “A great atmosphere, lively and buzzy, perfect for the occasion”.

The Summer Wine Dinner. Monday 8th June
5 superb courses, 5 exquisite wines. 7pm – 10.30pm. £80 per person
For a confirmation form or more info please email Stuart on or call 020 7868 5383


This is not just the best restaurant in Surbiton, but one of the best in the world. I travel regularly on business all over the world (Europe, Far East, Australia, Africa) and dine regularly at the best restaurants in these destinations (as well as in London). For example, last week I dined at the restaurant that recently won the award for best restaurant in Sydney (Quay) - it doesn't hold a candle to the French Table (tho there are a few in Sydney that do - eg, Aria, Long Grain)

This is the best restaurant in Surbiton. The couple who own it are wonderful hosts and the food magnificant.

I can't make it to this wine and dine evening, but i m sure it will be fab!

If you can go there, book now!

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