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Gordon Ramsay in Surbiton

10 years ago...

Rumours abound that Gordon Ramsay has been filming an episode of Kitchen Nightmares at the French Table on Maple Road.
Seems strange as the food there always seems to be top notch and you normally have to book a table in advance.

Photo evidence:


Actually i can confirm this was for The F Word. TFT have been shortlisted for Best Local Restaurant!!!!

Good Luck TFT!!!!

Ouch - That wasn't meant to be broadcasted just yet ...

Let me make this clear. It was not an accusation. If you read my post you would see that not only was it querying the validity of the rumour but also pointed out that the place is normally busy and serves great food - in my opinion.

In point of fact it is more likely to boost business in the short term as people will go along for a meal out of curiosity. At the very least my query has resulted in a spate of very positive reviews of the restaurant on Twitter. You just can't put a price on free advertising like that, not that the French Table needs it.

Rather than accuse people of being 'imbosiles' and displaying a low level of literacy it would be more useful if anonymous posters and Jay explained why Gordon Ramsay was filming at the French Table - he didn't have a meal by all accounts.

I am always proud to see our little town on the television and would like to know when this footage will be broadcast and in what context.

I took the photo (badly, iPhone camera is a bit rubbish). He had a film crew with him, hope he doesn't take one with him to Tesco's or McDonalds (as if he'd go there!). He litereally walked in the front door three or four times to get a good 'cut' then into a big 4x4 and off ....

Debate on what he is doing at the restaurant isn't bad, and the OP does mention the quality of the restaurant with a tip of the hat towards the food. Hardly destroying the business' credibility!

Someone 'chinese whispered' to me it was a "success program" just after I took the photo. I have no idea.

This - 'Gordon Ramsay has been filming an episode of Kitchen Nightmares at the French Table on Maple Road'

'Isn't lately to destroy business credibility'??

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to post that kind of crap?

this alligation is stupid so if he goes for a meal in mc donnalds does this mean mc donalds is under fire? or if he shops in tesco something is wrong with tesco?? for your information gordon is no longer filming kitchen nightmares you bunch of imbosiles before you spread roummours check your facts ok this can ruin a business esp a food led business


This is NOT true

Gordon Ramsay had a meal at the French Table because he enjoys the food.

Spreading such rumours is an attempt to destroy one's reputation and is out of order in my books ...

Probably more likely that he was just there for dinner!

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