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Hi all, what's the best gym in Surbiton in your opinion? Does anyone train regularly?

Any opinions would be appreciated, and if you could let me know what you're paying per visit/week/month/year it would be useful. Always good to have something to beat the sales reps down with ;)

Thanks in advance!


Surbiton ymca is great-good classes,brand new equipment and reasonable prices,including a pay as you go scheme.
The downside,well there isn't one except for an opinionated know-all who always comes late to classes-you know who you are!!

YMCA is pretty good. No thrills no pool £40 pm

I use the gym at the tennis club in Berrylands but no pool.
Kingston and New Malden have pools, you can get a joint membership for both including the Tolworth Recreation Centre.
I believe the one on the Portsmouth road has a pool. Might be the Nutfield health one spoken of.

Wow, that is very cheap! Shame there's no pool there, but I guess I could always swim elsewhere at that price. So my next question, any pools around that people would recommend?

Thanks for the info :)

Yeah, thats the thing, it is a bit no frills, but brand new and clean.

Otherwise I think you will have to go to one of the corporate Gyms like Nuffleid in Surbiton and pay appropriately for a combined gym and pool experience.

Is the Nuffield gym in Surbiton the only combined gym/pool setup around?

I live on Lovelace Road so I'd like somewhere as close as possible to there.

I'm about to move to the area and looking for a gym and swim too. Did you have any luck?

In the end, I went to Nuffield, as I managed to source a corporate deal through work. It was quite good, but would have been really expensive if I didn't have the corporate deal. However... my corporate deal has now run out, and I'm no longer working for the man (hooray!) so I'm on the hunt again.

Nuffield was ok, but a lot of people didn't seem to be there to train - it's more of a family/health club vibe there. More people drinking coffee and eating pastries than training hard!

Ideally, I'd like an old-school type gym now. Somewhere where there's lots of free weights, where chalk is allowed, and where they don't mind you doing cleans etc. I'll probably continue swimming at the Hurst pool, since it does the job nicely and is fairly quiet.

Anyone have any recommendations for a good old spit-and-sawdust gym in the Surbiton area? I want to do some proper training and leave the "health club" vibe alone.

I've looked for a comprehensive list of gyms in the area but haven't found one yet. Google isn't overly helpful, and these old-school places don't always have websites. I've heard there's one in Hampton Court somewhere...

Question about Nuffield Health in Surbiton? Is the gym area busy, especially in evening on workdays? I am asking, because I go to David Lloyd in Kingston and it's almost impossible to train between 18 and 20 on workdays.

Riverside Gym in H Court?

Riverside Gym looks good, but it's not open long enough at the weekends.

Anyone have any experience with Physique Warehouse in Molesey? Looks like it could be pretty good.

I need to find out where the local doormen train... those places are usually the best!


I was just looking at this thread as am currently looking to join a gym or do fitness classes. I saw your enquiry about a Spit & Sawdust gym & wondered if you knew about the one on Ewell Rd, I'm not sure what it's called but it looks like a boxing gym, it's in the old Telephone Exchange building. Not for me though!

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