Headmasters Victoria Road Staff?

10 years ago...

I have never seen a hairdressers touting customers like Headmasters. There are always always one or two scary looking chavvy members of staff standing outside, hair always in rainbow colours within an inch of its life, selling cakes or giving out cut price tickets, or just standing there looking tarty. Don't they have work to do inside the salon? Onviously they don't have many customers, I think these girls would scare any potential trade away ! If their reputation and quality of work was of a good standard, surely they would not have to hover at the doorway all the time.


There were no less than three of them, smartly chavved, outside the hairdressers this morning with their leaflets, all looking quite scary, making the most of the throngs of people at the Surbiton Festival! It is odd that they haven't got any work to do on a Saturday morning. Most hairdressers are busy. Obviously not a very popular shop.

They do awful work which is why they have no customers, everyone I've spoken to who has been in there left unhappy - one time they ran out of dye half way through my friends hair!!

I agree, I have to cross the road frequently to avoid having a leaflet shoved in my face. Please please please can someone please stop these people from harrassing genuine shoppers in Surbiton.

I must agree, they do look a bit scary ..... What is it with all this bright pink hair anyway ?? I would definitely go elsewhere, would not want to look like they do !!

Offering leaflets hardly constitutes harassment IMO, do what I do and politely decline..... IF they are overdoing it on the leaflets and folk get fed up of them, then they're effectively shooting themselves in their foot, so just let them get on with it..... but if it was being 'shoved in my face' then I might be justified in being a tad annoyed.

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