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Covid-19 has been spread across the globe because of poor hygiene standards. At Headmasters they don't bother to wash/disinfect brushes, combs, curlers etc after use. In other words, no good hygiene practice. When I complained, I was told I was wrong and old-fashioned. The customer is always wrong and unless you have a trout-pout, you're not respected. I hope Covid has taught staff how to wash hands etc. Rubbish salon with poor attitude from the manager, although the staff can be polite.


This is probably the worst salon I have ever entered. I asked them to do a colour correction on my hair after using a a red ogmrnt on bleached hair. They bleached bathed my hair and the applied new bleach to the roots and brushed it through the ends. The result my hair is breaking and falling out. When are complained Sian the manager owner tried to blind me with science and said I needed a haircut. I said only if she did it. My hai is still breaking the the haircut is a disaster and uneven. How can you manage a salon and not know how to cut. Never ever again


So upset with my haircut!!!
It was my birthday, and had a gathering of my closest friends at my house for the evening.
My stylist was relatively new and started around November 2017, but I can remember her name. I was in for a wash, cut and blow dry but opted for the keratase fusion duo treatment as well.
To start I told the stylist that I wanted exactly what I had now but just a trim to clean things up which always seems to make my hair feel thicker and springs back up. I showed her that I have a couple layers cut in and where my parting was. As well as how my hair is on a daily basis.
Wash was fine and then the cutting began. She cut where and how she wanted. When asked for how i wanted it blow dried, I said volume especially on top with a slight wave to the ends. She said the best way to do this was to slightly curl it with straighteners. Then she proceeded to completely blow dry my hair rough like a maniac with no brush like the other stylists use, burning my neck often. Once completely dry and looked flat and frazzled, she started curling and then rolling it up in curlers. I asked her to stop as it wasn’t what I wanted but she said this was the best way. I was anxious the whole way through and wanted the lengthy process to just end. Then she pulls out the curlers and I look like Miss Piggy with massive volume and ringlets. So embarrassed I paid and left, went home and straightened it.
Fast forwards a few days and my hair is flat, lifeless and feels so thin and greasy even after washing it. So disappointed and upset, I feel really insecure about the strange lengths she has cut it at too.


Staff and management is very unprofessional. Would not step my foot in this place, never had a haircut but treatment by the staff is horrible. Seems like they still stuck in high school.


Horrible - paid over £300 for color and highlights. Highlights big block chunks and orange. Cut was poor at the best, i asked for layer...I still cant find those. So over priced - staff not very friendly. I won't be returning or recommending to anyone!

The one good review I have read screams headmasters staff/manager all over it.

It is a times like this that I am delighted to be a man, £300 for a hairdo!

After being retired (sacked) i invested £20 in babyliss clippers for men and for the past 14 years have given myself a 5 on top and a 3 at the sides and saved a fortune,well £8 a time,the codgers rate.


I am so utterly disappointed with this place. I spent £50 (the cheapest you can mostly go for a haircut) with numerous complaints.
First off the washing of my hair, I had asked during the massage for her to be softer with her hands, even with the stylist asking "is this ok?" I said no, as it was hurting my scalp, she continued as if she was asking a rhetorical question/not even listening.
Then with the hair cut, so awfully done I would have asked my next door neighbour's kids to cut it for me and probably had better results. I ended up going to ANOTHER hairdressers the next day and spending more money to get it fixed (finally ok though...). Usually when they ask for the length you want off, you at least expect to give or take maybe an inch or so due to them evening it out, but I asked for 2 inches off... Try 4/5, my hair used to come down to my belly button (my style), and only needed a trim to keep it that long.. It now doesn't pass my chest.. I looked ridiculous. It was also styled in a quick uncaring way (not the way I'd asked), she seemed to take her own ideas and use them without consulting me.
lastly when I was leaving, they do the whole "pushing the expensive products" on you. I politely asked, do the staff receive money for selling these products (i.e. commission), or would it be cheaper to find online. They denied commission or tips if they sold the product or not, so I said I would try looking online for the products to find them cheaper. They kept pushing and pushing, when I simply had to say "I'm sorry I can't afford a £40 bottle right now" (containing maybe a hand sized amount of gel/shampoo... Ridiculous). But they kept pushing, and the more I politely said "I'm sorry" the more they were making me regret apologising in the first place. I said no, and asked to just finish with my payment for the session. I payed the stupid amount and left, not feeling like I could hold my head up with a nice new hairdo, instead scuttling home with my hair under the hood of my coat.
I would also like to make a note that my usual hairdressers had shut down and I went to Headmasters because it had (apparently) the best reviews. I would also like to state that I used to usually tip maybe a £10 or £15 towards either the member of staff who cut/styled my hair, or to the salon for everyone, as I used to love helping out people who really; helped me out quite a bit. This place, no tip will ever be given from me to them...
I am so appalled by this place and I shall be telling most of my friends not to go (those who already know and have seen how awful my hair was;)to stay the hell away!


I would give this hairdressers zero stars but unfortunately one star is the lowest bar set.

I was charged nearly £60 (Junior stylist) for my hair not to be cut and blow-dried worse than what I could do myself blindfolded. I actually went home and had to re-straighten it, doing this I found the cut was awful and had to get the scissors out (I'm not talking one or two stray strands either!) No wonder she didn't show me the back of my hair at the end as it turns out asking for just below shoulder length and layered actually translates to barely cut any off so it falls at the middle of my back and not bother putting any layers in at all.

The younger members of staff are all extremely rude and are very poor at hiding their disdain for the customers they are meant to be providing a quality service to.

It's safe to say that this is the worst haircut of my life.

I will be posting this review on as many sites as I can find so others do not make the same mistake I did.

I am a regular customer and cannot relate to this unfortunate experience. I have always been happy with my haircut and the polite and courteous service I receive. (This is in spite of the fact that I am constantly forgetting my appointment times and arriving late - I have always been accommodated with a smile and a solution).


I recently had my hair cut here and would recommend it, the cut is lovely I usually end up with stray long bits when I have my hair cut but this was perfect. Will certainly return.


awful, they yank your hair, someone needs to teach both the junior how to wash hair and the stylist how to cut hair without ripping it out your head. the Salon opposite Waitrows may be teeny tiny but at least they can do you hair without yanking it out.

Embarrisingly bad


I am really chuffed with my haircut from Headmasters, I've just had it cut from being almost waist-length to a long bob and I love it. It's cut so well that I don't even have to blow dry it, it just falls really nicely with no effort required. I had a senior stylist which cost me £40-something which I would definitely pay again considering a cut to the same standard in Central London would easily cost £60. I'd also been before for a dip dye and got exactly what I wanted.


I agree with the reviews that say Headmasters Surbiton is an unprofessional salon which charges exactly what the staff feel like doing on the day and not what the price list says. Normally I have my hair cut at Toni & Guy, Kingston - always a fantastic cut and great service and worth paying the price. But I got a Headmasters Surbiton Gift Certificate as a birthday present so went along during one of their half price promotions, aimed at building up a bigger client base. The haircut was pretty average and I didn't like the way it was blow dried but it was an OK job considering it was half the usual price. Or so I thought. I paid using the gift certificate and still had money left for another visit. Today I took my daughter for her first salon trim. When I went to pay using the gift certificate I found that on my previous visit I had been charged the full price, not the promotion price - what a con. I will not be going back, this salon is attracting customers under false pretences.

I totally agree with this i was given a half price voucher which i left in my office and would have given it to them they would not honor it and also embarrassed me by saying i had been there before on half price deals


I have to totally disagree and recommend Headmasters, Surbiton as a very professional and friendly salon. My stylist and colourist is Siobhan and she listens to what I say about my hair requirements and gives me good advice. I always get compliments after I've had my hair done by her. All the staff are pleasant and polite, and provide excellent customer service. I am never without a steady supply of coffee and magazines. I can honestly say that having your hair styled at Headmasters, Surbiton is a fun and relaxing experience. Give it a go.


Poor quality, they do not really care what you ask for and charge what they want!!!! That young black hair girl called Sian charged me one price last time i had her but this time I asked for the same girl they charged me 3 times more at the end!!! They told me she was their manager, my question is why charge different prices every time and why is she getting away charging what she wants as and when she wants? Apart from that i had the 1/2 price voucher and it didn't make any meaning to them at all!
Not recommended! in fact avoid this place

My mother had her long hair trimmed there, the girl was so quick, didn't even part the hair and do the under neath first, did it all in one go and charged £30 for the privilege. Mum said the girl couldn't wait to get the job finished.Don't they train their staff ?

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