Hotel Bosco Lounge Bar - who do they think they are ?

13 years ago...

I went into the Bosco Lounge Saturday night for a drink with my husband. There were lots of empty tables, and after ordering a drink I looked for a nice table to sit and have a relaxing couple of hours. Every table was Reserved. And empty. The waiter wouldn't let us sit down at any of them ! Just a hint - Bosco is overpriced, up its own derriere and doesn't deserve custom. Go elsewhere ! At least the Coronation is friendly - and a darn sight cheaper.


A nice bar just a shame about the manager, never come across such an arrogant man in my life. Definitely better places to go in Surbiton where you will be treated well.....

This is the best cocktail bar in the whole of Surrey. I don't even think it is that pricey, but you get what you pay for. They have DJs on a fri and Saturday . I get the impression they refuse undesirable guests by saying you have to be on the guest list , but you don't have to be in my experience.

However, it is very easy to get on their guest list on their website.

Generally a mix of ages and the odd attractive cougar! Can't understand some of the below comments. I suppose you are going to be upset if you are refused entry or all the tables are reserved, but don't hate the player hate the game.

Recommended in my opinion.

Best cocktail bar in Surrey?! Haha you need to get out more. It's a terrible place. It's pretty trashy with wannabe wags.

Your comment and the other reply are clearly from those who work there.

Couldn't agree more. Never had trouble getting in and always had a good time.
Really like the place.

Bosco is now a horrible place to go, used to have a good atmosphere and a decent local crowd with friendly staff, now it seems if you're over 18, not doing coke and not dressed like a TOWIE extra, you're not welcome. The door staff attitude is laughable...and as for the need to be on the 'guest list', must be the only hotel bar I know to have this ridiculous attitude. Someone appears to have some ideas well above their station....hope it doesn't last long with this behaviour.

Interesting, is this now a venue for students?

'Blood axe' is a very immature name for some one who obviously wants to contribute to improving the world around him/her/axling.
I am 'anonymous' because I have failed four times trying to register a name.
Bosco being a centre of excellence for student behaviour is not an issue.
Without doubt the calibre of graduates that emerge from Kingston is second to none.
Plasticine modelling, er, media studies, photography, photographing plasticine and extraction of parents assets from the ATM yield forth such bountiful awards that equip even the most ’challenged' student to face the 'modern wold'
I've got my radio on.
Road runner, Road Runner.
I'm in love with the modern world!

You are quite correct,I am male and therefore never really matured at all and am still 7.

Agreed, and what a sad situation that Surbiton cant have a bar like this without it turning into what Bosco has. I'd have thought Surbiton would escape from that as most chavs looking for a night out have got Kingston right on their doorstep.

I suppose some people think they are a cut above that when they are really not.

Why would it escape from that? cos it'a not chavy?

As mentioned on another thread, the pink nail bar, 24hr MCDonalds, YMCA, 99p store, KFC, Chicken Cottage, Wetherspoons, Greggs.... might suggest otherwise.

Live in the now.

I don't think that anyone would deny that Surbiton has it's fair share of chavs (doesn't everywhere?), but I'd have thought that most of them looking for 'that sort' of night out would make the short journey to Kingston to the plethora of nightclubs and bars designed especially for their ilk.

I'd have thought they'd find Bosco a bit boring with all of that so close by.

Of course, I'd expect them to be back to use the 24 hour McDonalds later on, but that is a different issue.

My husband and I returned from Wimbledon deciding to have a drink in Bosco lounge bar, which we were straight away refused entry, the doorman asked us if we were on the guests list, we didn't think for one second that there was a guests list as I went there with my friend back in december 2013 and we were let in to the bar without any discussion, so did my husband in the past.
As people were entering the bar we asked them if they were on the guests list and they all said "NO" and were let in right infront of us.
We were disgusted at this discrimination for what reason we do not know, we were smartly dressed and not drunk whatsoever.

The discrimination may have been based on the fact you were actually over 18? This place went from one of the nicer places in Surbiton to get a drink to one of the worst in a couple of years. In fact, it probably is the worst, now that Corky's Bar has closed down.

It is always horrible when something like this happens because it puts a real downer on the night, but I'd treat it as a lucky escape in this case.

If I were you I would tell the Surrey Comet, they might print an article, Bosco wouldn't like that .... Anyway I would think its illegal to do that.

Perhaps our newly returned beggar boy and dog could be persuaded to sit outside Bosco for a spell, that should create a little interest.

Ha ha Poppy love it. Who do they think they are.

It willbe interesting to see what the Antoinette group do with it.

£4.20 at Boscos for a pint vs. £3.30 down the road @ the newly renovated Vic & Elm Tree - they're pricing themselves out of business!

Are you comparing like with like? I am not sure about the Elm Tree, but I have been charged £4 per pint for a premium lager in the Vic, only ale is as cheap as £3.30.

If they are charging £4.20 a pint for ale in Bosco, they truly will be out of business soon!

I don't think Bosco will be serving ale any time soon!
As you already mention £4 seems to be the price for a half decent pint in Surbiton (and elsewhere) these days, It really does help to change the atmosphere and increase the chances of a trouble free night. We don't need to to drink 15 pints every time we go out, stick with a few and then go home with a bottle of wine, its much cheaper!

It does seem a very strangely-run place. We went in a couple of weeks ago to be told that they were closed - it was 9.45! Admittedly it was only a Tuesday night and they weren't busy but it did seem strange.

I am not sure if it is over-priced compared to most other local pubs, though. The Coronation Hall is exceptionally cheap, Bosco's drinks seem no more expensive than Rubicon/Gordon Bennett etc.

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