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Nervous patient looking for sensitive dentist

11 years ago...

Anyone know of a good, sympathetic dentist for a nervous patient?

I haven't been for a decade and the teeth are in a terrible state. I'm terrified of the response I'm going to get when I open my mouth.
Anyone been to a dentist who has been markedly kind and sympathetic.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


I had quite a bit of work done recently at The Corner House Dental Practice. Although the work was significant - I felt comfortable throughout and honestly didn't feel any pain at all.
I couldn't recommend Dr Habib more highly - he's as good as you can get.
Mr A Day

I had a smile makeover carried out at Maple Dental Practice and am so happy that I have a smile to be proud of. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing Dentist David Tissera, who has been my dentist for over 10 years and he is just brilliant.I started off as the most nervous patient ever and David Tissera was so calming and gave me confidence in Dentists again. I am only sad that he is leaving to work full time in the St Johns Wood. Thanks for the fab smile David!

We also cannot recommend Bright Smile after a botched crown.
We use BHMS who have surgeries in Budapest and Battersea and are delighted with them.

Maple Dental Practice is great and they are very knowledgeable.

I base this opinion on visits to many visits to different dentists around the country.


I am quite new to the area near holborn station and was wondering
if anyone could recommend me a dentist.




I had a bad experience at The Smile Centre in Ewell road Surbiton. I went in for a implant quote & after an xray they said I had two abscesses. This was not the case as I had an xray only a week before.

I have been as well as all my family been very happy with Maple Dentist in Maple Road.


If ur teeth are in a bad state, then treatment may be very expensive. I found a very good, sympathetic dentist in India. U can ck with him. It works out very economical with the airfare, stay and treatment cost. his contact is

Here in Kingston we are pretty well provided for with NHS dentistry. If you feel you want extra sedation/hand holding then of course you are not going to get that on the NHS but there are several NHS practices in Kingston worth checking out and they have probably seen it all before! I do know personally of one person who had a mouth he had neglected for about 20 years and got the whole lot done for the top NHS price of £198.00, including hospital extractions and several new 'teeth' from Brightsmile on Penrhyn Road in Kingston. You might like to try them but there are various practices offering NHS treatment in this area (unlike in most areas!).

To find details of all local practices, including whether they specialise in nervous patients of offer NHS treatment you can go to NHS Choices at and use the service finder. Alternatively, for more personal advice call the Dental helpline operated by the Primary Care Support Service on 0845 070 4240

I used brightsmile and they were terrible. I went as i thought i had an abcess, the horribly patronising young man who i saw told me he knew best and i really needed two crowns replacing, but as they could only put in metal crowns on the NHS i would have to pay privately for white ones. They replaced two perfectly good crowns with two new ones that didnt fit well and one just fell out and was lost after a couple of weeks. It did nothing to improve the sensation i had an abcess and a couple of weeks later my face swelled up so i returned and was told it was just a coincidence i now had an abcess where i thought i had one a few weeks ago. I got some antibiotics and never returned.
I got no NHS treatment, i got private treatment i didnt need, and very badly done. And on top of that the attitude of the dentist was awful, he had obviously been told by his mum he was fantastic and now as he was a dentist was a superior sort of person, and he could not conceal his contempt for people coming in and asking for NHS work.

just joined the NYCo2 one. NHS prices but very nice environment, TVs screwed on the ceiling so you can watch day time telly while being nervous. Very friendly people and NHS brainer really.

Excellent a private dentist charging NHS prices! What great value.
Just to check, this means your prices are as follows, yes?

Band 1 £16.50 - this charge includes an examination, diagnosis, and preventive advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, scale and polish, and planning for further treatment.

Band 2 £45.60 - this charge includes all the necessary treatment that is covered by the £16.50 charge, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment, or extractions. This charge is the same no matter how many fillings, root fillings or extractions you need.
ie. 1 filling = £45.60, 10 fillings = £45.60

Band 3 £198.00 - this charge includes all the necessary treatment that is covered by the £16.50 and £45.60 charges, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures, and bridges.
ie. 1 crown = £198, 10 crowns = £198

I am delighted that a private dentist can compete with the NHS this way....

By the way i would remind all NHS dental patients that if they are being treated on the NHS, then their dentist is contractually obliged to supply ALL the treatment on the NHS. So, they cannot deny you a neccessary crown on the NHS and force you to pay privately for it.

I need 2 root canals and 4 crowns. I shall be round this week to have all this done for £198

these are not MY prices, Im a punter not a dentist. Though roughly from memory, these are the prices they quoted, they said I could have 10 fillings for 45 quid if needed. Since my pearly whites are perfect though Master Anonymous, I only paid 16.50 for my check up....sounds like you need to go to shane macgowans dentist, best of luck with that.

I have to agree about NY dentists in Surbiton. They are really really good and so nice. I had never been to a dentist in my life (I'm 27) but luckily my teeth were in pretty good shape but the two dentists I have dealings with have both been ever so gentle and kind and not in anyway scary or judgemental.

This website has a Dentist Finder of kind dentists good with anxious/phobic patients. There are some listed for Surrey. Embarrassment is a very common reason for avoiding care as you will find if you read the general information and forum on this non-profitmaking website:

Simple, tie a piece of string to a door handle and the loose tooth, slam the door, oh and did I mention have a swig of whiskey first!

Oasis on Fairfield are the best. Have to pay though. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

I had two bad experiences at Fairfield Oasis. Firstly, the dentist was 'packing' a filling into my tooth and stabbed the implement into the roof of my mouth causing pain and bleeding (however, think she has now moved from practice). Secondly, during a hygienist appointment, the top of the brush fell off into my mouth - luckily not sharp and did not disappear down my throat - giving me a fright and increasing dental visit anxiety tenfold! Seems to be quite a turnover in dentists there too.

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