Porton court

1 year ago...

Hi all,

We are thinking in buying a flat in Porton Court, is it a nice and safe area? If not any areas recommended for a 2 bed flat? Thanks!


Lovelace Road, Lovelace Gardens, Adelaide Road, all near station and pretty quiet roads. Also Maple Road but more traffic goes along here.

thanks for the info! And about Porton court or the area by Portsmouth road?

Porton Court has good views but as far as I know you cannot buy to let to tenants. Double check if you are thinking of doing this. Portsmouth Road can also have a good view of the river but there is more traffic and therefore pollution if you sit on your balcony! Make sure you buy near Surbiton Station as it is so popular, especially if you intend to rent.

thanks a lot for the information! we are planning in buying our 1st flat, so no problem with no being able to let.

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