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The Saucy Kettle Pub

8 years ago...

The Saucy Kettle Pub - I cycled past this pub the other day (early morning) - did my eyes deceive me? Has this morphed into a Thai cafe/Takeaway?


It serves Thai food which is quite good by all accounts.

The problem is that the police are in attendance most nights to sort out one problems or another so you might be better off getting a takeaway rather than eating in if you fancy trying it out.

The police are "in attendance most nights" at the YMCA, not the SK/CK.

Absolute tosh. The police are not in attendance most nights. Get you facts straight.
The food is great, try it sometime.

Sorry i'm going to have to agree with the first response. Every time i have been past there have been 'several' police cars/ vans and what appear to be underage or barely legal drinkers outside.
Cannot comment on the food but might help those drunks soak up the alcohol quicker with less need to waste the resources of our emergency services!

Again, more spurious comments.

They have an over 21 policy in force and everyone is checked before serving.

In 12 years of drinking in Surbiton's pubs, I have only seen the police outside the Saucy once, and that was because one of the patrons stopped a guy getting mugged by one of the YMCA inmates. This pub has a late license and plays dance music. It will always attract a younger crowd, hence the doormen on Fri/Sat nights. It is obviously not your type of place and your middle class prejudices are abundantly clear to see.

I can hear the Gordon Bennett calling..... so jog on.

Just because they have an over 21 policy it doesn't mean they stick to it, and i will repeat again twice in 2 weeks i saw the police out side that place.

As a matter of fact I do drink in Gordon Bennett's and many other pubs in the area. I do because they are full of people who are out to enjoy a drink and socialise, without the need to punch someones lights out!
Surbiton does not have a teenybopper population so why on earth would any pub want to attract them? Ionkontrol I think Kingston might be better suited for your nights out.

Right I better Jog on, I wouldn't want those pesky kids to catch me would I ?

I have said this in threads before, but those that don't like pubs like the Saucy Kettle and Corkys bar should still appreciate them if only for keeping the type of people that they don't like out of the other bars in the area! A lot of the people that go in there DO come from Surbiton, even though there is a big influx of youths from Chessington as well.

I too have seen the police there quite a few times in the last year or so, but have also seen them outside Bosco, Wetherspoons and Corky's. Bars that go out of their way to attract young people are inevitably going to get a small % of troublemakers.

Sorry, I was exaggerating a bit! The fact is that there are a lot of problems at that pub, and it is not going to make a very pleasant place to sit and eat food on certain evenings, how ever nice the food itself is.

Mums with pushchairs outside the Saucy Kettle having a fag (not the occupants of the pushchair, the mums - I hope ) isn't a good look outside a pub any time of day or night. I think this reflects the Saucy Kettle. Enough said.

Yeah, exterminate them, come on, you've obviously got a pitchfork? What are we waiting for.....?

Oh this site is hysterical sometimes.

A pub is a personal preference.

Why people come on here with their 'holier than thou' attitude is beyond me. People go where they like, deal with it. And if you like the Kettle, good, if you like Bennett's, also good.

Why people feel they are above one another due to the place they drink is quite a thing.

For what it's worth, i have no 'regular' pub in Surbiton, I try them all, pretty much on a random basis, sometimes a pub is great, sometimes not so great, that's what makes the rotation appealing. I've never had a fight or so much as a confrontation anywhere, and, shock horror, I've even had a drink in Corky's before.

Fact of the matter is some people are always going to be opinionated snobs. Just a shame that a few live in Surbiton.

I agree scottini well said,an Englishmans pub choice is as varied as his choice of Dog.

Personally i like a Pint of Pride so rarely drink in Surbiton,I also like non TV or fruit machine pubs and avoid twee yummy mummy pubs,but that is the whole point it is one of personal choice and there are many pubs to choose from so get out there tonight and enjoy a pint...cheers!

Ermm no it wasn't well said, I didn't really see anyone claim they or their pub was 'better' than the rest?
This is a public forum which relies on opinion to assist those in need, and just like the other contributors you have both expressed your own.
If you don't like what you read then switch off and go elsewhere, the BBC maybe more up your street. You will find your life a lot more interesting if you get off the fence every now and then!

"Better" wasn't mentioned by me.

"Holier than thou" attitude was.

But thanks for the valid input Anonymous person, much appreciated.

Now where's that damned Daily Mail I was reading?

Am i missing something here, what's the difference between 'Better' and 'Holier than thou'?
I was placing emphasis on a word not quoting, but then again i wouldn't expect certain individuals to distinguish between the two.
I really don't have anything else to say in this matter, i think the readers have made their minds up and I have better things to do.

How dare you refer me to the BBC,I am a Daily Mail reader and my opinion is MY opinion,I quite enjoy sitting on the fence,it can be a pretty dangerous place to be,affords an elevated view and suits me fine,heigh ho must pop off and a get life.

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