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Saucy Kettle
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It has been 9 years since I was last in this pub,and I see it is still at number 1 in the google results for 'crap pubs in Surbiton'.

I still wouldn't go back.

My last experience of wanting to have a beer with colleagues who were served all around me while I was ignored, to end up the last person at the bar and still not get a drink, to then have a colleague walk in and immediately be asked what was his thanks.

Life is too short.

I did get a beer of course, my colleague bought it for me. Only way I was going to get one in this pub.

And what is the point of a pub if it is incapable of selling beer?


Why bother going into this pub when there are far, far friendlier pubs in the vicinity.

Any pub management that alienates two of it three clients are clearly idiots. No wonder there's no one in the pub. Shame, as it had it's plus points. Overpriced beer, customer unfriendly management, tbh how they're staying in business is anyone's guess because there's hardly ever anyone in there.

Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere. Too many better pubs than to deal with these plonkers.

Why the manager Frank doesn't take a customer relations course is anyone's guess. He is past his sell by date. I know of at least five people who don't go in there any more due to his very rude manner to his regular customers. Why should anyone spend their hard earned money there, when on a Saturday night at 11pm there are four police cars and vans outside because of all the trouble, is anyone's guess. Why anyone would want to be in a pub full of drunken chavs is beyond me. Plenty more pubs in Surbiton, the Black Lion stands out, friendly as well. We have plenty of pubs in surbiton, Frank the owner only has one.

wow thats pretty harsh statement to make, "past his sell by date" have you set up your own business and kept in going through harsh economic times? i personally like going to the saucy on a weekend and im not a drunk or a chav. police vans arent outside it every weekend and there WILL always be those idiots who are looking for trouble no matter where you go. i like the nice selection of spirits and cocktails. yes can be bit pricy but im never in a rush to drink fast any way. bar staff i find to be very helpful and happy.

Hmm that's strange, I've been past there twice since January and on both occasions there were Police vans outside and what appeared to be a large crowd of underage drinkers! Coincidence? I don't think so. This place has a reputation for attracting the 'low life' and it's strange how none of the other pubs get the same trouble?

I've got nothing against the pub and would of been all for going back to give it a second try but after what i've seen recently i think it maybe another 10 years before i consider this place again.

TBH, i completly disagree with your comments, police are not out there every weekend and if they are its because of one or two trouble makers which you get at EVERY pub!! there will always be that person(s) that want to have an issue with someone, is it unfortunate that you had a bad experience yes,but myself and my friends have enjoyed our nights there. i also found the bar staff to be welcoming and happy, to say its full of chavs is inaccurate. maybe you require a pub that has more of a older person clientel.

Totally agree with this.

I have been in the Saucy Kettle twice in the 15 years I have lived in Surbiton, and probably won't be going bakc anytime soon.

It is a shame because it has a lot going for it - nice interior, great selection of beers and now Thai food as well, but I'd never go into a place where the police are more likely than not to turn up before the end of the night, it just makes it impossible to relax.


agree 110%


Staff (bouncers/manager) sooo incredible rude. I can't believe in this day and age. Us the public have to settle to be treated like crap. I mean for a quiet pub (which it is!) Bar prices are high. I WILL GUARANTEE that i will not go here again and spend my hard earn cash in this place that employ rude staff and are rude owners as well. disappointing isn't a word!!


Tiger beer ;-) Loads of other beers. I have linked the website.


Hmmm, Lowenbrau on draught...


Great bar! A lot of good fun. Staff are friendly and the dj good!



Not bad - very wide selection of lagers. The American-neon theme may be a little unoriginal, but it is different to anywhere else in Surbiton (traditional pubs, chain pubs or modern bars)

It used to have a reputation for attracting the wrong sort, but has been fine on the occasion I have gone in there. Has to be marked down slightly for it's location which is too near the hideous YMCA.

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