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Surbiton flyer

11 years ago...

Had a beer in the flyer tonight. My mate didn't want to go in there initially, but it seemed alright.
Does it have a bit of a rep?
What's the best pub in surbiton? I like the Vic, but am always open to new experiences.



Try the Lamb. If you love it, like I and many others do, then it'll be the best pub in Surbiton for you. If not, then no harm done!

Add the Waggon and Horses to the list of good bubs with fine beer, excellent food and friendly regulars. Seems to manage to avoid drunks, football nutters and the like.

Yep! Vote for the Waggon. Definitelt my fave, esp in Summer out the back under the vine canopied patio.

The Vic is the best pub in Surbiton but it is expensive, the Flyer has no bad rep....only pubs to avoid is the Corrie because of the old drunks........

Thanks for all the tips so far.
I shall definately try out the establishments recommended folks!

I wouldn't day the Flyer has a really bad reputation, but it is the pub that is right next to the station, so is always going to attract a 'mixed' crowd, especially now that St Marks Tavern on the other side of the station has gone.

I'd agree with the other posters on here - the Vic and the Lamb are probably the best traditional pubs in Surbiton, Bosco and Gordon Bennett are good if you prefer a bar. The Grove Tavern is probably next best. I tend to avoid the Coronation Hall, Corky's and the Saucy Kettle, but they are always busy so most suit some people.

The Lamb is the best pub in Surbiton.

What is the saucy kettle like? lived in Surb for 6 years never tried it... the do Thai food there now tho. Any one tried that?

The Saucy is pretty quiet these days.
Frank (the landlord) can be an acquired taste. He permanently has the look of someone who has been told of a bereavement in the family, but is quite a sweetie once you get to know him.

It has 22 pumps on draught, mainly continental lagers and cracking ciders, easily the best selection in Surb.

I am going tonight to check out the Thai, will report back later.

I went in and tried the Thai food in the Kettle last night.
Excellent quality food and highly recommended. Not the most extensive menu, but seeing as the chef is just starting out, she hopes to offer more as business picks up.
Just what Surbiton needed, cracking Thai food..

Brilliant! Will give it ago ;-)
I can't understand why no one has had a go at proper good authentic thai restaurant in Surbiton. Sure it would be a winner unlike another indian restaurant...

A Thai lady used to run one/malaysian food on Claremont opposite Corky's but it never seemed to get enough people. Best Thai in the area is Siam Gallery in Esher near Waitrose, they are shortly opening a branch in Thames Ditton. It is not cheap but nowhere near the price of Good Earth chinese (oligarchs only!)
Esher Cote's set menu now very good.
Retail latest - Station Offy (Ex Oddbins) moving to Mobens and Tesco Metro replacing them.

Are you sure? The place across the road from Corky's was a Sri Lankan/Malaysian resraurant run by a bloke called Raz. He was from Sri Lanka and his wife , who I guess you are refering to, was from Malaysia

I like the Vic but it's impossible to get served in there, the bar people just serve the loudest rather than in order. We've walked out on several occassions because of it.

Although it does get very busy, I quite like Bosco's although, it's definitely not the cheapest place around.

The Victoria is authentic, but ludicrously priced. The best pub in Surbiton is The Lamb. Check out their 'homage de fromage' and other events, they involve the locals much more so than any other pub i can think of, themed nights, excellent out door area, reasonable prices, friendly staff and a love of cheese. the definition of a 'decent local'

would get my vote every-time.

Duke of york has a good steak night on thursdays BTW

Duke of York - For posh/rich noisey students. This place used to be a real pub. Since it has got it's makeover (another Subiton pub selling out) it can't make up it's mind if it's a pub or a restaurant, and as such, fails at both.

Quiz nite on Sunday nite can be quite fun if you can get a gang of friends together

I agree on the Lamb, but if anything it is MORE expensive than the Vic!

The lamb was charging £3.30 for a pint of raggeddy-assed bitter 3 years ago when it took over the *real* lamb pub that used to be on the same spot.
I have been back 1 more time (always give a new pub 2 chances). Deffo more expensive than Vic, and really dire. The food should be served with a microscope, and the pub is aimed at the twee end of the Surbiton market. More for yuppies than your average Surbitonion.

No one has mentioned the Black Lion?

Surbiton is expensive,try Raynes Park Tavern £2.80 for a pint of Pride

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