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Surbiton Flyer
84 Victoria Road



very friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere


Friendly and very close to the station, plus they have just started serving food.

Yep, totally transformed from the place it was a couple of years ago. It went under beforehand - how badly do you need to run a pub next door to one of the busiest stations in the country for that to happen?

The new manager (who also owns Gordon Bennett) seems to have got it exactly right - good staff, nice range of beer and now a great looking food menu as well.

The only downside is that the prices have gone up a bit, but unfortunately this is the time-honoured way of making sure that troublemakers go elsewhere. I am sure this is very necessary right next to the station, and certainly that slightly intimidating air that this place used to have seems to have completely disappeared on my last few visits.

The new menu looks great. The only problem is the guy who owns it. Gordon Bennett's is guilty of shockingly rude and inefficient service, mostly coming from the proprietor. Hopefully this won't be the case here.

The owner seems like a nice chap at the Flyer.
Every time i have breakfast at GB the staff are always very polite and far from inefficient but saying that I have come across one chap who needs a good....well ticking off to put it politely and I believe he is some kind of manger for the place which seems strange as he lacks a tongue, manners and any form of personality!

Have to agree with the guy Several years ago this was not a bad pub with some great live music, then it went down hill, badly!

I have started going back to this place recently as it has really taken a change for the better. Friday nights after work are excellent, has a really good crowd with a chilled atmosphere.
I wont comment on the prices as I am always prepared to pay extra for an establishment that I actually enjoy having a drink in.
As for the food well I had a steak sandwich with chips last week, very cheap but very tasty!

I just wish that there was more of a crowd during Saturday afternoons and they need to sort out some good live music!


Just dreadful. Rude staff, bad beer, horrible atmosphere. There are better pubs a few doors down, go there instead!


Don't even want to give it one star. Intimidating is the only word I can use to describe it. Bar staff threaten you with violence!


Handy if you want a quick one before the train. Very average.


Quick what, punch up?

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