surbiton plasterer and builder?

14 years ago...

We want to give our new home some beauty treatment, anyone recommend a local plasterer and builder?
Many thanks :)


Hi we would be able to help you if your looking for a plasterer in London all our contact details are on the site.

Regards - Plasterer London

Thanks for all the recommendations!

George Plumb is an excellent plasterer.


I'm from up north:) and I think I found my new hangout

So, anyone care about the Olympic Games?

Why post on Builders and plasterers page?

In answer to your Olympic question;no and least of all the London taxpayers who are being gouged to pay for them.We will not even see a new bridge across the Thames and with dedicated lanes having been promised,we shall be unable to move at all.
With Albert Bridge closed now and Hammersmith under repair,let alone the Woolwich ferry operating with only one boat and the Blackwall Tunnel a disaster area whenever anyone breaks down in it we are already suffering.It took me an hour and 40 minutes to get into Victoria the other day and yes i took the car as i had a bunch of stuff in the boot to deliver.

@mojogit: This is the third of three miserable posts. Cheer up! At least you've got your health, etc.

Thanks ggggbbbmm etc,am actually very happy but most of my posts are certainly very miserable as they often relate to miserable topics.

I've just had a complete refurb done and would happily recommend the guys I used. Contact Mariusz on 0786 930 5024
I'll be renting it out soon but you're welcome to pop around in the meantime and see what they did.

I am looking to rent out a 3 bed house in Surbiton!

Jack Wilks is a builder based in Molesey. We have used them and so have friends. Excellent. Call 0783 4871217

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