Surbiton hairdresser reaches finals of Miss London

The owner of a Surbiton hair salon has reached the finals of Miss London 2011 and is hoping that her success will have a positive impact on young girls.

The owner of a Surbiton hair salon has reached the finals of Miss London 2011 and is hoping that her success will have a positive impact on young girls.

Sian Maclaren, 21, is the youngest ever owner of a Headmasters franchise and has just reached the finals of the London wide beauty competition, which would see the winner competing in the quarter finals of Ms England.

To stand a chance of taking home the crown, competition finalists have to prove to judges how they can be seen as a role model in the eyes of youngsters.

A former student at Kingston's Hollyfield School, Sian was entered into the competition by one of her employees.

With the help of her family, who live in Putney, Sian was able to buy the Victoria Road salon, which has proven to be such a success, that she has been able to pay back the money she borrowed in just over a year of the branch being open.

All Miss London finalists also have to raise money for chosen charities, Help for Heroes, Make a Wish Foundation and Hope for Children.


nasty comments should be kept to yourself.... alot of jealousy. why not just be pleased from this young lady, rather then making nasty statments green eyes will not get you no where in life! and no before you ask i have not been payed to write this infact never stepped foot into the salon just dont beleave in BULLYING. keep your bitter oppinons to yourself people

Way to go Sian, you are an inspiration to all of us and your fellow students at Hollyfield School. I hope that you go all the way to the finals. I have always found Sian to be wonderful, with her feet firmly on the ground for someone so young. She is always so professional and has a great team behind her in Headmasters in Surbiton!!!!! Good Luck

I cant believe the cheek of this girl.
If she wants her success to have a positive effect on young girls then why does she act so bitchy and underhand towards her juniors and staff in general.
She also has been know to write glowing reviews about herself on websites such as this, posing as a client.
Well done Sian for what you have achieved but dont fool yourself into thinking your in anyway a role model take a look at reviews you havent written about your salon and learn how to be a professional woman not a little girl playing one.

I couldn't agree more with you, I used to wash hair with her about 2-3 years ago in another headmasters salon and i'm fully aware of her personality issues and the level of her standards being a junior stylist at the time! how can she write so much goody goodies about herself??? a true model lets others say she is the best not paying others to write about her or making up stories she is the youngest salon owner she is the leading and ............. so on............. in fact that is the worry for all her customers as she now calls herself a senior top stylist but she is only 20 ?!!! to me she is a failure running her rundown salon, i dont say that because we worked together but its just that even me years of experience i wouldn't call myself a senior , i let my clients see that and come back

I now work in a bar in surbiton not far from her salon and its a shame what i hear people think of that salon, also shame to headmasters let a 20 year old run a beautiful salon as she has already upset many of her clients and bad reviws all over the internet about surbiton headmasters.
Then again working in the company i relised that headmasters were only intrested in how much money she was making not how she was pushing her clients to buy so much products when they din't even need any of them, sale sale sale...

Her personality is so bad she can't even keep the same stylist for more than a week or two ! simply replaces her staff weekly to these young 13-16 year old college leavers, that is a shame


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