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Red Square is turning orange: application for another Sainsbury's in Tolworth

Sainsbury’s has begun consulting Tolworth residents on plans for a Local store on the controversial Red Square development.

The supermarket chain confirmed it was planning a store in the newly-completed block, which also includes residential flats. All the apartments have been sold, according to developer CNM Estates. Sainsbury’s hopes to open the ground-floor shop between 7am and 11pm seven days a week, and accept deliveries between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday, and between 9am and 6pm on Sunday and bank holidays.

It is also seeking permission for a new entrance door and emergency exit. The chain also plans to open a store on the site of the Old Victoria pub, further up Ewell Road.


I do feel for the shoprkeepers in the area. I frequent these places for my weekly fodder as I prefer to put money into the local businesses of Tolworth rather than some faceless meganational.

I just feel if this goes thru it will slowly suck the life out of Tolworth and it's small businesses and we can then watch it slowly disintegrate into a ghost town

There are planning conditions on this site which restricts hours of operations which Sainsbury are hoping to overturn. Condition 15 stipulates that commercial premises shall not be used for the purposes hereby permitted before 8am or after 11pm Monday to Saturday or before 9am or after 11pm Sundays or Bank Holidays OR condition 16 which stipulates that no servicing or delivering to the commercial units shall take place within the site before 8am or after 6pm Monday to Saturday nor at any time on a Sunday or Bank Holiday
If you believe Kingston should uphold these planning conditions then sign the petition that locals have started or go on the planning website and object.
We cannot stop Sainsbury going in to the Red Lion site or at 143 Ewell Road a former pub but we can make sure Kingston listens to residents

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