Commuters feel the squeeze

Surbiton officially named London's most packed trains.

Figures released by the Department for Transport show the 8:02am Waterloo train which runs through Surbiton had 318 passengers over seating capacity crammed on to its eight carriages when measured last autumn - making it the most overcrowded train measured in the London commute.

A spokesman for South West Trains said the company had increased the 8:02am train to 12 carriages but admitted its hands were tied over adding more carriages because of the length of the stations involved. She said, "The main thing to remember is we have a tremendous frequency of service, so if somebody felt they didn’t want to get on a particular train they could get on another one very soon afterwards."


AND that's not a surbiton train in the picture either. Sorry - I cant help myself.

Not from 2008 perhaps, but definitely Surbiton. For the other train-spotters out there, July 19 2006:

Is this most overcorwed train actually the 08:24 from Surbiton (starting from Woking at 08:02)?
I think it must be because the 08:02 from Surbiton stops at all stations and couldn't have been exteneded to a twelve coach train until all the minor stops had platform extensions.

When there is a captive market, price gouging ( eg zone 6),is prevalent as is the comfort and safety of commuters.

After all its only 20 minutes to Waterloo so we can jolly well put up with it or go by "other means".Their is of course no alternative for most folks.

Unless the district line can be extended from Wimbledon to Surbiton/Kingston I can see no improvement being possible unless platforms at key stations can be extended to cope with 12/20 coaches.

Once again private transport has been driven off key routes but public transport lags way behind the growth and with the UK due to 76m population by 2060 it can only get worse.How about the Eu providing funds for the UK as we are now the repositry of choice for all the worlds disaffected.

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