Council to use AI technology to improve understanding of the use of cycle lanes

The council will partner with Vivacity Labs to review and monitor use of existing cycle routes in both their areas.

New Roystons lamppost

A new lamppost has been installed in Berrylands.

Surbiton station to become cycling 'superhub'

Kingston is one of the three London boroughs chosen by the Mayor for a significant share of £100 million to help make our streets as cycle-friendly as Dutch towns. Kingston will receive up to £30 million.

Oimplycs: South West Trains hail 200th day of ‘Zero Empty Seats’

sw trains

Transport provider South West Trains claimed the gold medal for ticket allocation today as it celebrated its 200th consecutive day with no empty seats.

Surbiton commuters shell out


TfL deny pay and go problems.

Blazing train

Fire breaks out on train in Berrylands.

Lock your Dawes

SWT to invest in securing bike park at station.

Surbiton ahoy

Circumnavigation of London by sail.

Ticket office car crash

Berrylands station rammed.

This isn't the age of the train

Journey times slower than before the war.

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