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Hospital future assessed by management consultants

McKinseys brought in for feasibility study.

Kingston Primary Care Trust chief executive David Smith said: "This is a positive step in taking forward the future development of Surbiton Hospital."

However, Kingston MP Edward Davey wants to see a new community hospital on the Ewell Road site. He said, "We may not like what they come up with but at least it is going to be done professionally, quickly and people will have something to look at and debate."


It would be a brave developer that would choose to build more flats in Surbiton at the moment. There are several sites in better locations than this that have been left dormant because of the state of the property market.

The only way it would be viable is if they sold the land for next to nothing, and fortunately there is no chance of that happening.

I don't think that Kingston Council have given enough thought to the future. Surbiton is a lovely area now, but what about in 5 years time if first time buyers can buy a decent house for £200k? No one is going to want all of these flats, and they make up 80+% of the housing stock in central Surbiton.

For this site, the only acceptable options would be another hospital or a school.

I sincerely hope that the land will not be sold off for developement ! It is all well and good to talk of creating yet more housing, but the infrastructure and foresight provided by kingston Council is plainly poor. Whilst spending our hard earnt money on the Rose Theatre over the last few years, they have plainly ignored the fact that we need more schools. Whoever decides the future of the Surbiton Hospital site would do well to provide a community facility for all, especially the young and elderly. After all I understand the good people of Surbiton paid for this bit of now prime developement land from their own POCKETS !

Now that both the Ewell Road and Hook Roads are so constricted by the safety planners that traffic barely moves,any development on this site will cause chaos on the roads.

Only a strategic view by Mc Kinseys of the greater Surbiton area to include rail/tube/crossrail and roads and the need for housing of all prices,will suffice.

We need a proper plan,no more piece meal nonsense.

Widen the roads,remove bus lanes, humps,knecks and unecessary traffic lights and open up Surbiton and Kingston to commerce to let it thrive.

The Hospital site is very big so use it wisely to allow parking underground and ground level and build UP to say the Tolworth Tower height,then stick all the mobile masts needed on top.

Men of vision are required at Mc Kinseys but sadly they no longer have the status of the 70s and 80s as most of the grey hairs have been encouraged to spend more time with their families and the rocket scientists that could not get jobs in Hedge Funds and Banks have taken over.

I fear the worst.

Surbiton Hospital is a great site and its important that it should be retained for community use, whatever the outcome of the review.
The last thing Surbiton needs right now is yet more housing.
Our trains are officially the most packed in the whole country.
We have the worst primary school provision in London - there was a real crisis last year - RBK weren't able to allocate places to sixty kids. Only a one-off, temporary last minute solution allowed these kids to start school somewhere close to where they live.

It looks like the same thing could happen this year - the council are already meant to to have published where this year's extra primary school places will be, but haven't yet been able to. It's pretty reasonable to assume that yet again RBK must be having problems providing enough primary school places to meet demand. Its clear that new capacity is needed - either existing schools should be permanently expanded, or a new school should be built.
Similarly, the council's nurseries are excellent, but are notably oversubscribed.

I don't think that closing the Surbiton Hospital site would be a disaster - realistically, we're very close to Kingston hospital, with a direct bus service to it. As long as there is enough room at Kingston Hospital to replicate services, it's loss wouldn't be a catastrophe for Surbiton.
Should the hospital be forced to close, a new primary and nursery school on the site would be an excellent community replacement.
Simply selling off the land to the highest bidder for housing should be resisted at all costs.

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