Surbiton house prices up 14% in 3 months

According to the latest Land Registry information release last week, the average house price for the borough had risen 5% between April and June 2006 compare to last year.

Though it only refers to house sales since 2004, by using the average price values this latest data also gives an indicator to the most expensive Surbiton neighbourhoods.

Most expensive neighbourhoods in Surbiton
Sales since 2004 Average value
St. Mary's Road
4 £1,005,992
Southborough Road
3 £896,667
Seymour Gardens
2 £655,000
Regent Road
5 £635,000
KT6 and KT5 data from

House prices in New Malden were down 4.6% on previous figures. The housing market value is ultimately determined by what buyers are willing to pay, but do you think current Surbiton house prices reflect real value for money?


Nonsense,this is Estate Agents winding up the markets.

As the character of Surbiton is changing with more in filling and wholly inappropriate extensions being cleared by planners,the area is becoming a Chav Palace ghetto full of SUV driving low life.
Just witness the car park at Waitrose where most exciting parking manoeuvres can be seen daily.

The area used to be genteel and a suitable for home for English gentlemen,now even our good schools are denied,by a quota basis, to our children.

Unless someone gets a grip on planning and transport Surbiton may be the first area in the S East to provide the property crash so desired by first time buyers.

so will you be selling your house cheap to get away. a 13% discount on agents price would be good and if its a four bed or bigger i might even buy it of you with tyou saving agents fees. you should try slough to life in at least people buy houses in surbiton in slough it is move as many as you can into a room and its called profits on poles. many housding ten to a three bed if you like to sell let me know. regards chris vaughan slough(at the moment)

No I am not selling but have decided to rent to a better class of Pole,with 4 beds plus garage I can probably get up to 20+ in.

I have bought in a select but so far undiscovered part of Dorset,which luckily is described as a poor area so attracts very few chavs,of course it will change so one must keep moving.

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