Surbiton's Burgermaster

McDonald's vs The Burger Box - 24hr showdown

After the council having said it received no objections, the Victoria Road McDonald's has been granted an all-night licence. It has been granted a 24-hour licence all week, but will only use it on Friday and Saturday nights at first.

In a possible counter move, the late night Burger Box van has recently installed a fluorescent sign outside the station.


Thank you all for your kind comments.

Legend service and burgers.

I have heard the Burger Box has been there for over 30 years. Its part of what makes Surbiton, Surbiton. Food is great. It looks great with the new Christmas lights.

So what - the sewage works have been there just as long.

And as for the food being great?
You're having a laugh surely
Microwave chips and cheap burgers - only if you're pi55ed mate.

And a square aluminiumm box parked in the middle of the pavement , fairy lights or no fairy lights, hardly adds to Surbiton's Victorian architecture does it?

Burger box surbiton has been awarded 5 stars in food hygiene by Kingston borough council.

Have you ever tried the food?? I don't think you have because the food is great. The staff that work there are lovely.They even have raised money for charity and have a huge following on facebook. You sound like your either a posh snob or you work for mc d's!!

Perhaps you could suggest a suitable upper-middle class replacement? Maybe they could source their ingredients from Waitrose?

It's very popular so must be doing something right.

The burger box is a terrible looking introduction to Surbiton visitors when they get off the train.
How did it ever get permission to set up there?
There are several hot food joints within a few metres - why do we need this grease bucket blocking the pavement every evening from 6 o'clock?

Burger Box raised over £1200 for Princess Alice Hospice. Well done, it least they seem to be contributing to the community. Never tried the food but will one day.

The burger box has really nice burgers. They have different deals on different nights, they cook it right in front of you and if you join their facebook group, they will offer you more deals which you can have on top of the normal deals!

McDonalds is poor.

I did use a MCD once in 1986 and was appalled by the poor bun and even more awful burger pattie,Burger Box simply could not be as bad and as a small business i wish them all success.I dont think i will risk a burger however.

Ah the burger bun. My recent experience of the main suppliers is:
KFC breaks up very easily. Burger King holds together through a nuclear war. McD is just OK

Yes this is sad, but tomorrow I will count all my socks and tell you the results :)

I've passed Burger Box many times in the early morning on the way to work, but never bought a burger. I've been in plenty of McDonald's. But in support of Burget Box I will buy from them.

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