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Full list of candidates in each ward for Kingston local election 2018

Election Candidates

2018 Borough Election: Alexandra Ward
Candidate Party
BEYNON, Mark Liberal Democrats
FOULDER-HUGHES, Sam Liberal Democrats
HAYES, Chris Conservative Party
HUDSON, Richard John Conservative Party
KEARNEY, Stephen Laurence Labour Party
MARSDEN, Robin McKellar Labour Party
PUDDY, Thomas Robert Conservative Party
SUMNER, Sharron Liberal Democrats
2018 Borough Election: Berrylands Ward
Candidate Party
ABRAHAM, Sushila Liberal Democrats
BROWNLIE, Rob Labour Party
BROWNLIE, Sarah-Jane Labour Party
EAKIN, Oliver Marcus Your Kingston Independent Residents Group Candidate
HEAD, Mike Conservative Party
HERBERT, Nannette Labour Party
ROBINSON, Marley Green Party
ROGERS, Nicholas James Conservative Party
SCHAPER, Anita Margare Liberal Democrats
SWEENEY, John Liberal Democrats
WHITMARSH, Kate Green Party
WHITWORTH, Peter Green Party
HARDING, Claire Antoni Conservative Party
2018 Borough Election: St Marks Ward
Candidate Party
AUSTIN, Phil Labour Party
BERNARD, Patrick Green Party
COLEMAN, Kezia Elizabeth Labour Party
GOODACRE, Patrick Green Party
GREEN, Liz Shard Liberal Democrats
JONES, Kate Green Party
O'CONNOR, Caoilte Niam Declan Labour Party
PATON, Calum John Conservative Party
PETERS, John Michael Conservative Party
WHITE, Diane Liberal Democrats
WILSON, Ian Alistair Conservative Party
YOGANATHAN, Mylvaganam Yogan Liberal Democrats
2018 Borough Election: Surbiton Hill Ward
Candidate Party
BYRNE, Johnnie Labour Party
COTTINGTON, David Labour Party
FIRTH, Michael Green Party
FREEDMAN, Max Labour Party
GANDER, Hilary Liberal Democrats
GRIFFIN*, Sheila Betty Labour Party
HOLT, Alison Liberal Democrats
KUMPESON, Lucky Nithyalakshmy Conservative Party
PARSONS SMALL, Mimi Claire Conservative Party
SELF, Malcolm Liberal Democrats
SUCKLING, Colin Anthony Terence Conservative Party

The candidates for the local election in Kingston on May 3 have been named.

Thousands of voters will decide who they want to represent them at council on matters like planning, social care and bin collections.

Parties listed include the ruling Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, Labour, the Green Party and the newly formed Kingston Independent Residents Group.

The full list of Surbiton candidates, by ward, is above.


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