Tesco propose 'throughabout' for A3 interchange

A roundabout with short-cuts through the middle.

This weeks public exhibition will preview Tesco's latest proposal for the Tolworth development.

James Wiggam, corporate affairs manager for Tesco, said computer simulations have shown the new throughabout would mean extra traffic has, "nil detriment" on congestion and "at off-peak times it would bring an improvement to the traffic flow".

Other changes include a scaling back on the number of homes from 660 to 564, the heights of the apartment blocks beening reduced and a five-storey community centre will be built on the site. The green bridge planned in the first application has been dropped in favour of a more orthodox pedestrian bridge.

The new supermarket, which at 60,000 sq ft is two-thirds the size of the New Malden store two-and-a-half miles away, would be completed by early 2013 if given planning permission by the council.

The exhibition is taking place on Friday and Saturday at 142 Tolworth Broadway.


I was thinking more Garden City Skyway like Vancouver,it would allow all the North/South traffic on the Broadway and A244 to and from Ewell to not jam at the lights and cause pollution,obviously the slips to the A3 West and East would remain.

A shop as small as 60000 sq ft is pointless.
New Malden store is already too crowded with online shopping carts alongside shelf stackers.What Tesco need is vision and to create a shopping experience that will make shopping enjoyable.Wide aisles,no canned music,plenty of check outs,huge car park and a child free day so adults can move freely without tripping over running,skating,scootering hoards of sweet chewing children,my dry cleaning bills might drop then without ice/choc cream,crisp detritus smeared over my clothes.

No need for a community centre just build some low cost housing instead,it is up to Tfl to get Tesco to contribute to good traffic management,how about putting the A244 on pillars and flyover the roundabout.

Given that T5 took over 20 years to get built it seems to me that this project is almost bound to fail so that should please most of Tolworth residents.

Apart from making Tolworth look like something out of the Jetsons how would another flyover help?

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