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Overpriced, snobby, arrogant management and they over-charged me on many occasions and were very rude. I give one star for many of the lovely staff who aren't infected by this awful behaviour.

Just the shop for Surbiton then.


Yes, fantastic shop with wide aisles.

Waitrose is nice and the staff are good but there is definitely something wrong with their delivery system for cheese, Grapes, coconuts, lychees and other stuff which goes off the day after purchase, even when its well inside the sell by date. Also their own made their bread is very expensive for what it is, £2.89 for a small brown loaf with a couple of dried figs in it?
The green charity discs are about as useful as the ultra annoying kiddies shopping trolleys. Who dreams up this expensive waste? The cost must end up on the prices.

As I understand it, the green charity discs are only a small part of the total cost to Waitrose of running their policy of ploughing something back to the communities they serve. They're a simple and high profile way that local people can vote for where Waitrose should direct its charitable giving. Waitrose is part of the John Lewis Partnership and the employees ("partners") share in the distributable profits which remain after all other costs (and provisions for future investments) are taken out.
Therefore, in effect, their charitable giving, and the costs of running it, comes out of the partners' bonuses.


M&S,eat your heart out,these chaps at Waitrose are really rocking by far the best.The only poor point is the car park,overrun as it is with 4X4's the drivers of which cannot seem to park in any given slot.

Well I don't see the 4x4 parking an issue, more room for the rest of us if they cannot park them, and those who can good for them!


Not the cheapest, but definitely the best.

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