Sky this afternoon in Surbiton


This afternoon the sky was very interesting in Surbiton and the birds got spooked when it went dark. The sky went Orange but my camera on my phone auto adjusted the Orange out. However I was able to get this photo from the Surbiton Hill road.

Berrylands Bomb Alert

Houses evacuated last week after unexploded WW2 bomb discovery.

Best dressed man summits Kilimanjaro

Surbiton man summits Kilimanjaro in style!

If only Kilimanjaro’s summit at 5895m could talk then I wonder what tales it would tell for it has seen hundreds of thousands of determined trekkers

Astonishing archeological dig

The BSAA excavate the site where fifteen ley lines intersect and unearth some astonishing finds.

Strange by any other name

Levi Samuel Matthew McBride Hanna Bailie Hamilton Martin Jarvis Whitmey Leggett Karoubi Mesguich Chouraqui Chouraqui Ferguson Miller Grimshawe

Fangs for the memories

Surbiton couple's vampire registry wedding.

Pub attempts vermin control

The Lamb builds a better mousetrap.

Surbiton man died from sex act

Inquest decides on an autoerotic accident.

Surbiton subsumed by Norbiton

Apple iPhone shows strange error.

Great British Duck Day

Jan '70
Thu 1st

"In 2007 we smashed the Singapore World Record by racing 165,000 yellow plastic ducks down the river Thames and raised over £100,000 for 440 UK charities – thank you so much for your support and generosity.

For 2008 we want to do it bigger and better; we will be attempting to race a quarter of a million of our little yellow friends down the 1 kilometre race course! This will break the record we already hold, and prove to the rest of the duck racing world that Great Britain does it better!!!

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