Revolutionary new brain development programme comes to Kingston

Exciting news for the children of Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Accelerated Learning Parent Demo

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Revolutionary NEW Brain Development Programme for Children!

Come along to a FREE 45 minute parents demo at Christ Church Primary School in Pine Gardens, Berrylands. Thursday 22nd November at 7pm.

Come and learn some amazing techniques to help improve your child's concentration, confidence, memory skills and mathematical skills.

Please call Liz on 07886 633 370 for further details

Yet another Surbiton school excels

Highest possible Ofsted praise for Surbiton Children's Centre Nursery.

5 million pound upgrade plan for Grand Avenue School

Plans to replace the two existing buildings is getting near to formal application.

Underpass mural unveiling

Jan '70
Thu 1st

A opening celebration of a William Morris inspired mosaic is taking place the Saturday. The was commisioned for the A3 underpass in Tolworth by the Save the World Club charity and has involved over a thousand young people from local schools and community centres.

Surbiton High hush up schoolgirl's prosecution behind parents' back

The school helped the girl after she asked to keep it secret.

The private school claim the so-called Gillick Judgement and data-protection laws gave them the power to grant her confidentiality from her parents.

The girl pleaded guilty to theft after being caught travelling with a photocopied travel pass, but her parents were unaware of the conviction until a bailiffs letter was received.

The mother said, "Our daughter went to court without a solicitor to plead her case and she now has a criminal record which she will have to declare for five years and for the rest of her life if she wants to work in a wide range of jobs and professions."

Residents accuse students of car vandalism

Clayhill resident students are incriminated for scores of damaged cars in Burney Avenue.

Police say there's no evidence to say they're responsible, but local residents have blamed the students after over 20 cars were vandalised over the weekend. There have been 'ongoing tensions' between locals and Kingston University's hall of residence students.

Read more in The Kingston Guardian...

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