Church Outdoors (Hope ReAct 2008)

Jan '70
Thu 1st

The local Churches are holding a Church service outdoors in Fishponds Park, Ewell Road, Surbiton, KT5 8ST

During the service young people and adults will talk about what their faith means to them and why they believe.

There will be dance and drama performances, music and a speaker who will explain the Christian faith. At the end of the service people are welcome to stay longer for opportunities to ask questions/find out more about the Christian Faith.

Bus routes that pass the Fishponds site are 281, 406, and 418

Come and Sing choruses from Elijah

Jan '70
Thu 1st

An informal, community singing event for anyone who would like to try out their chords!

Kingston Choral Society

Revolutionary new brain development programme comes to Kingston

Exciting news for the children of Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Accelerated Learning Parent Demo

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Revolutionary NEW Brain Development Programme for Children!

Come along to a FREE 45 minute parents demo at Christ Church Primary School in Pine Gardens, Berrylands. Thursday 22nd November at 7pm.

Come and learn some amazing techniques to help improve your child's concentration, confidence, memory skills and mathematical skills.

Please call Liz on 07886 633 370 for further details

Virgin Mary visions a fraud

Vatican dismisses 20 years of Surbiton apparitions.

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