Could you rent out a room to a young person from the YMCA?

Supported Lodgings at YMCA

YMCA London South West is recruiting local people from the community who can act as hosts for young people.

Tim Witherspoon Opens New YMCA Surbiton gym

im Witherspoon cuts the ribbon at Y+ Fitness Surbiton
YMCA CEO Richard James and Tim Witherspoon
Tim Witherspoon and YMCA members, guests and staff

YMCA Surbiton celebrated the launch of its newly refurbished and equipped gym on Friday with the help of twice World Champion boxer Tim Witherspoon.

YMCA hits back

Hostel residents make and perform in music video.

Young man, there's no need to throw stuff out the window

Victoria Road locals accuse YMCA residents of dumping rubbish over wall.

The YMCA comes under fire again from local residents, this time over rubbish. Eileen Price says, "We pay our council tax and the whole area around here is filthy. I think this is a dirty, filthy disgrace."

Troubled YMCA to get own police force

A new 'Safer Neighbourhood' initiative hopes to curb the increase in crime and anti-social behaviour, said by some to be centred around the hostel.

Based at the Victoria Road YMCA, the team of six police officers are said to put "a visible police presence in the centre of the community to deal with local concerns." The team could be in operation as early as February.

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Young man, pick yourself off the ground

Vulnerable YMCA residents are being blamed for an increase in antisocial behaviour around the town.

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