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Can anyone help suggest a party venue?

11 years ago...


I hope someone reading this will be able to help. I am looking for a venue for a small party in or near to Surbiton. Ideally I would like to find a pub with a private function room for hire. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks.


waggon and horses surbiton

Hi Everyone,

After a successfull 2 private parties held within our shop (a Xmas dinner party and a birthday pary) last month, we are now expanding our services to offer private booking for parties of 10 to 12 people seated for dinner in the deli.

The place will be yours for the evening: your choice of menu from our extensive range of french and mediteranean classic dishes, your choice of music, your choice of layout, your choice of drinks (bring your own as we do not have a license) and we will cater and waiter it all for you to ensure you and your guests have the most personalised event ever!

Bear in mind that we will only be able to accept 1 booking per week as our aim is to offer trully peronalised service to you as an extra to our normal trading hours!

Contact us on 0208 399 46 94 between 9am and 4.30 pm monday to saturdays to discuss your wishes!

See you soon!

Julien an his team!

La Terrazza restaurant on the Ewell Road has a venue for hire with dance floor and licensed bar.

The Black Lion in Brighton Road / corner of Maple Road, has a fairly large top section which can be hired for private parties. It's a great pub with a great atmosphere, and the landlords, Mark and Danny, will go to every length to cater for you. They can do some amazing food on request. I really do recommend you go and have a look and ask to speak to Mark or Danny (Mark's probably the best one to talk to if you can get hold of him).

The rubicon on maple road is very nice. tasty cocktails and you can hire out the bottom floor.

I went to the Rubicon for a mixed party one day time. I know how much the organiser paid. I though the food provided was a complete con.

Whenever I drive past the Rubicon at night, the windows are always dripping with condensation, puts me right off the place.

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