Lock your Dawes

SWT to invest in securing bike park at station.

South West Trains is investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in schemes at Surbiton and Richmond.

At Surbiton the rail company is to build, with Kingston council, a secure compound for its existing 300-space bike park. Cyclists will only be able to get into the free compound to park or pick up bikes using a swipe card, for which they leave a deposit.

A SWT spokeswoman said, "Surbiton is a very well-used station in terms of bikes, and we are hopeful that the new scheme will encourage ever more users."


How long before the free secure bike park becomes a£5 a day secure bike park?

Scumbags!!!! All thieves!!! Its all too easy for these people to do nothing during the day except drink cider and smoke wacky backy or do crack. Then its onto the night shift to earn their low life wages............... Bring back the birch! Bring back hanging!! I quite like the action of cutting a finger off for every theft. They would then be recognised in the eye of the public for their crime!! My reason for this attack?? Yep, we had our bikes stolen. My fiancee only bought her bike 3 weeks before it got stolen! I can only hope that next time they get caught someone gives them the beating of their lives!! Oh and by the way all potential bike owners that think the security system that Halfords recommended and sold to us works? Think again. These thieves are operating with what must be the most aggressive bolt cutters ever invented. Possibly the best protection would be to buy a motorbike theft device. Probably very expensive but not as expensive as a new bike. Dont give these criminals an inch!!!!!!

Isn't it funny how CCTV never, EVER seems to work!
Therefore, what is the point of it!? It is no use as evidence and appears to be little use as a deterrent!

The bear you cam hope for is that the scumbags who nicked your bike end up in an accident on it, as there is minimal chance that justice will be done via any other means.

About time. Had a bike nicked from the station right in front of the CCTV camera.
When I approached the station manager, was told that it was not working.

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