£3 million ‘mini-Holland’ scheme gets the green light

Illustrative Visualisation of Interventions : view Portsmouth Road looking north

Innovative plans for Portsmouth Road will remove conflict between cyclists and cars, deliver benefits for all road users and enhance one of the jewels in Kingston’s crown: The Queen’s Promenade.

top 10 community websites in or fairly near to Kingston

read the TOP 10 community sites league right here

and yep is TOP of the list!! well done

Lock your Dawes

SWT to invest in securing bike park at station.

In Town Without My Car Day

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Maple Road in Surbiton is the location for this year's 'In Town Without My Car' Day - a celebration of more environmentally friendly forms of transport on Friday 21 September.

In September, residents in hundreds of towns across Europe will be enjoying the fact that normally busy roads are closed off to traffic and Kingston will be no exception as Maple Road is transformed into a traffic-free, green space with lots of fun activities for all.

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