Rail Fares to increase by over 33%!

It looks like Surbiton will be clobbered in a review of London rail fares.

Tom Harris, the rail minister, said the tariff changes brought "seamless travel" closer. "The new system is simple and sensible. It will make train fares in different parts of London consistent," he said.

Maybe so, but a cost - come the 2nd January, Surbiton fares will increase by over a third!

Look at the following Surbiton to Waterloo adult fares:

South West Trains: if you want to sit down, bring a stool

You can't knock them for their innovative thinking. South West Trains, officially Britain's most packed train operator, intend to combat overcrowded carriages by ripping out seats.

Government guideline stipulate that each passenger should have at least 0.54 square metres of floor space, so SWT's solution: get rid of those seats that are taking up all that space. Oh, and while they're at it no doubt put up ticket prices too.

SWT says, "If anything, this will enhance comfort, our experience is that many passengers are happy to stand on short journeys, especially if it means they have more space."

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Strike called off

Contrary to our previous story, the planned walk out by ASLEF and RMT drivers this Friday and Monday has been postponed.

Read more on the BBC News website...

Train strike still on for Friday and Monday

SWT plan to lay on special service during ASLEF / RMT action for September 8th and 11th.

The dispute centres over disagreement over the use of taxis by Waterloo based drivers and the alleged unsafe use of managers to drive trains during previous industrial action. Talks remain in deadlock.

A special train service manned by SWT managers will run from Hampton Court to London Waterloo via Surbiton. No trains will be stopping at Berrlyands station.

SWT's proposed Surbiton timetable (PDF)

Ice and leaves nearly caused train smash

Network Rail report comes to conclusion over last November's red light over-shoot.

London's latest night bus comes to Surbiton

The 281 bus now runs 24 hours a day.

Transport for London's 100th night bus went into service this weekend as the 281 took its first through-the-night tour.
Route 281 is operated by London United and serves Hounslow, Whitton, Twickenham, Fulwell, Teddington, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surbiton and Tolworth.

Read more on the Transport for London website...

A3 bus gate becomes controversy

Experimental Tolworth Rise exit causes safety worries.

Train driver error ruled out for Surbiton near miss

Black box analysis reveals driver and signalman acted promptly to unknown safety failure.

An early morning commute nearly ended in disaster as a potential major collision was averted on November 25. Exasperated by bad weather, an as yet unknown technical fault meant that the 5.44 from Alton to Waterloo skidded through two red signals before coming to rest less than 300 metres from another train. A high-level enquiry into the incident is now underway.

The evening of the same day, severe delays for homeward commuters was caused by an earlier suicide at Hampton Court Junction.

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Good Festival despite traffic chaos

Festival chairman claims addition of 800-tonne crane 'added to the atmosphere of the festival'.

As predicted, engineering works on the St. Mark's hill railway bridge coupled with this year's Surbiton Festival caused major disruption to the area last weekend.

Though the junction was closed again this week for scheduled follow-up work, the project has been considered a success; positioning six thirty-metre beams across the railway in preparation for the project's spring completion.

Major rail engineering work this Saturday

All lines through Surbiton will be closed until 'late morning'.

Work on the St. Mark's Hill railway bridge widening is set to cause more travel chaos this weekend with rail closures in both directions from Surbiton station.

Rail travellers from Berrylands are advised to catch the K2 bus to either Tolworth or Surbiton stations depending on their destination.

This doesn't bode well for this year's Surbiton Festival.

Read more at South West Trains' website or check's live station departure board...

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