Davey incumbers again

Edward Davey MP

Liberal Democrats retain their Kingston and Surbiton seat.

It’s congratulations to Ed Davey who has won the Kingston and Surbiton seat for the Liberal Democrats, taking 49.8% of the vote. More than 57,000 people voted in the General Election in Kingston and Surbiton which is 70.4%, a slight increase from the 68.9% of people who voted at the last election (full results below).

Liberal Democrat Edward Davey held his seat in Kingston and Surbiton, after a lengthy count which lasted until nearly 6am. Council officials were visibly frustrated at the delay, apparently caused by a combination of late and high turnout and the sifting out of council votes to be added up at 2.30pm today.

Despite the emerging disappointment for his party nationally, Edward Davey held on, although his large majority was reduced by a strong showing from his Conservative rival Helen Whately. The Conservatives increased their share compared with 2005, gaining 36.54% of the vote. More than 57,000 people voted in the General Election in Kingston and Surbiton which is 70.4%, a slight increase from the 68.9% of people who voted at the last election.

Interestingly, the pre-election Surbiton.com poll showed quite an accurate correlation to the official results.

See the full results below the comments


Interesting to see that Ed has a junior ministerial job alongside Vince and thus will be exposed to more of the Tory glitterati.This should mean Ed gains a valuable insight into real government and hopefully becomes a Tory then my vote will be for him and party.

I think Ed Davey has a great sense of humour. Why? Well I was listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC 97.3 couple days ago and he had Limbit Opik in to review the papers. Lembit said he had been approached by senior Lib Dems to run for London Mayor. When asked which seniors he said Ed Davey, but it really depended on the London membership. Comments people?

Either that or he is auditioning for the crazy gang,Ferrari and Lembit what a combination, could be the foundation for a new Fast Show skit.

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Surbiton pre-election poll

Actual election results in brackets
Liberal Democrat
42% (49.8%) 121 votes
38% (36.5%) 110 votes
9% (9.3%) 26 votes
3% (1%) 10 votes
7% (3.3%) 19 votes
Total votes: 286