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"Feeling of taintedness": Victim speaks out after childhood abuser who was London Symphony Orchestra member is jailed

A “trusting child” targeted by a now convicted paedophile and former choirmaster spoke out after historic sexual assaults made his “soul shrink”.

Crash in Kingston town centre

Four men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after an injured man was found lying in the road at 4.30am this morning.

Kingston pet detectives take to social media to reunite owner and lost dog

A dog and her owner were joyously reunited after a Kingston borough-wide social media campaign tracked the runaway pet across the borough for a week.

Armed police 'seize weapons' from Surbiton home after man found in distress

Armed police swarmed into Surbiton's Alpha Road estate last night and seized "weapons" after paramedics reported a man in distress.

Homeless man on fire died "accidental death" after cigarette set alight sleeping bag as he slept

A homeless man who ran out into a New Malden street on fire before collapsing in front of people died after his cigarette set fire to his sleeping bag as he slept.

Kingston primary schools on the rise in latest league tables

Kingston primary schools are performing better than the rest of the country with pass rates in reading, writing and maths continuing to rise.

Dozen burglaries centred around a Raeburn Avenue last night

Kingston police has warned residents should be on their guard after the unusual spate of thefts.

Surbiton woman arrested for scratching and pulling the hair of another woman at Kingston play area

A trip to a Kingston children’s play area turned violent when a woman allegedly scratched and pulled the hair of another woman in a ‘cat fight’.

Primary school place demand to rise to 900-plus over four years in Kingston

Demand for school places in Kingston is expected to rise by more than 900 places within the next four years.

How lovely are thy branches? Surbiton residents protest the town's "disappointing" Christmas tree

It is now officially Christmas and this can mean only one thing in Surbiton – is the Christmas tree good enough?

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