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Kingston Council backs Crossrail 2 as leader predicts end to commuter overcrowding

Kingston Council leader Kevin Davis has backed high-speed rail service Crossrail 2 extending to the borough, saying the scheme will “sound the death knell for unpleasant overcrowding”.

Engineering work causing major disruption to most South West Trains services this weekend

Engineering work is causing major disruption to travellers in south London this weekend.

South West Train services running through Kingston, Surbiton, Clapham, Richmond, Wimbledon and Epsom will be affected by timetable changes and cancellations.

Platforms three to six at Clapham Junction station are closed. There is no service at all from Queenstown Road and bus replacement services are running between Barnes and Clapham Junction.

Is a huge python called Ness on the loose in Surbiton?

Posters pleading for the safe return of the more than metre long ‘Ness’ have been plastered on lampposts across the town.

South West Trains service from Surbiton to Waterloo late every day for final months of 2015

A commuter train from Surbiton to Waterloo was late every day for the last three months of 2015.

London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith backs plans to convert the A3 into underground tunnel

London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has backed plans to convert the A3 at Tolworth into an underground tunnel, while rival Sadiq Khan promised to pursue the proposal only if it offers “good value for money”.

Steak knife attacker back behind bars after beating woman and stealing car

A man who stabbed two pub regulars with steak knives during a brutal brawl four years ago has been sent back to prison again for beating up a woman and stealing a car.

100 years old: A celebration for Surbiton's Royal Star and Garter

A charity for injured and disabled veterans celebrated 100 years of care.

Surbiton woman dies after being discharged without full test results

Kingston Hospital has admitted a vital test result was not “considered” when it discharged a woman who died two days later of pneumonia, an inquest heard. The blood tests of Pamela Bevans, 69, who had been living at Southborough Lodge before her death, were not all returned before she was sent home from hospital in September 2014.

'Not trained': Staff at Surbiton station ask passengers for advise after elderly man collapses

Staff at Surbiton station told passengers they have no first aid training and asked what they should do when an elderly man collapsed on a packed train.

No action taken against man arrested on suspicion of murder in Surbiton

A man arrested on suspicion of the murder after the death of David Edrupt has been released with no further action.

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