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Halloween pink tutu assault: 'Sugar plum fairy' said 'I hate to be a ponce, can I get a fag?' before attack

A "tragic misunderstanding" led to a man dressed as the sugar plum fairy attack a young man and his boyfriend as they walked home from a Halloween party in Surbiton.

Pink tutu attacker due to be sentenced today but CPS drop 'homophobia' claim

Alan Banks, 27, pleaded guilty before Christmas to attacking Robbie Kingsford in what was initially said to be a homophobic attack.

Paw-casso paints: Surbiton dog creates masterpiece for disability charity

A dog with an artistic flair has put her talents to good use to raise money for a disability charity.

Surbiton air steward found dead after end of secret gay affair and unexpected redundancy

A man posted on Facebook his plans to go on his “final journey” before taking his own life in Surbiton’s Victoria Park.

Mother of supermarket worker found dead in Surbiton's YMCA describes centre as the “worst place they could have put her”

The mother of a woman who died a drug-related death in her room at Surbiton’s YMCA has described the centre as the “worst place they could have put her”.

New Years Honours: Former MP Ed Davey and Surbiton policy director make the list

Ed Davey, who lost his seat to Conservative James Berry in May after 18 years representing the constituency, will be knighted in recognition of his political and public service.

"Eyesore of tall towers": Postponed meeting for Tolworth Tower developement set for new year

The date for the meeting to discuss the controversial Tolworth Tower development has been set.

£10,000 stolen from hospitalised 80-year-old's Surbiton home

An envelope with £10,000 was taken from an 80-year-old man's house when he was hospitalised with cancer.

Brothel madam ran £1m sex empire from New Malden and Surbiton houses

A brothel madam made more than £1m from running sex dens in New Malden and Surbiton for over a decade.

Surbiton restaurant to offer free food "for the lonely people" this Christmas Eve

A Surbiton restaurant is tackling loneliness this Christmas by offering free food to whoever visits on Christmas Eve.

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