Triangle light up

The public gardens at Alexander Drive have make-over.

New plants, automatic lights and further refurbishments are planned to make Berrylands more welcoming to visitors.

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73-year-old Scout Master rejuvenates Berrylands unit

Reg Gage organises Scouts' spring recruitment drive.

After over 40 years of leadership, Reg has proven himself to be the best man to promote the new Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit in Sterling Walk.

The doubtful future of the unit was allayed when he stepped in to lead the group saying, "I didn't want the boys to be lost from scouting because we could've packed up altogether and that would've been a real shame."

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Berrylands cars vandalised with paint stripper

An estimated £100,000 of damage done in Alexander Drive, Westfield Road, Linford Avenue and Dawson Road.

Police are asking for any information regarding the crime which occured over several days last week. Victims include local Conservative councillor Kevin Davis who's car will cost over £2,000 to repair.

'Irregular' Ordinations at Berrylands' Christ Church

Local clergy fly in a South African bishop to ordain gay deacons.

Earlier this month an ordination was conducted in defiance of the Diocese of Southwark's bishop Rt Rev Dr Tom Butler.

On November 2nd, Revd Richard Coekin unofficially ordained his staff in defiance of the local Bishop's wishes, resulting in the revoking of his license. The ordinations are thought to be backed by an evangelical network called Reform, that are know to protest against bishops stance on gay and lesbian people.

Berrylands smells

Thames Water receives complaints that it's sewage works stinks.

Locals are complaining that the Hogsmill treatment works across from Berrlyands Station is giving off unpleasant smells. Berrlyands councilor Kevin Davis is calling for a notice to be served on the local water authority to ensure that they remedy the problem which is apparently centred around a faulty gas burn-off chimney. Thames Water are said to be looking into it.

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Phone mast victory for Chiltern Drive

After months of resident protests, Hutchinson 3G have decided not to go ahead their plans to erect a mobile phone mast in Berrylands.

However, Raeburn Avenue residents were not so lucky, as it appears the proposed mast now has the go-ahead and will soon be erected.

The Hutchinson 3G statement follows:

Surbiton opens the UK's grass court tennis season

Considered by many as the preparation for the Wimbledon Championships, the annual Lawn Tennis Association's The Surbiton Trophy championship will be held at the usual Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club venue in Berrylands.

Visited by major-league competitors the championship has for many years attraction tennis' top names as Peter Greatorex Tournament Director explains, "Our main draw regularly attracts players, both men and women, from the world's top 100 and continues to grow in popularity each year."

The event runs from 30th of May to the 5th of June.

Fun and games in Berrylands

In a run-up to The Surbiton Trophy tennis championship, The Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club is organising the Berrylands Community Week.

Berrylands Community Week starts 27th May to 4th June. Including a fun run, quiz night, tennis, music and other activities, a full program of event can be found on their website.

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Leeway for Raeburn Avenue phone mast?

An 800-strong petition raised by Berrylands residents has been accepted by Orange telecoms group.

Orange representatives were said to be very helpful when they met with residents at the offices of local MP Edward Davey.

Residents were angered by the minimal consultation the council gave when the decision to site the mast was approved.

Though there is no scientific evidence that the masts are harmful, local tradesman Sam Saber said, 'I object to the mast on health grounds because there is no scientific evidence that masts are not harmful.'

Newmans Chemists robbed at knife point

The Berrylands Road pharmacy was held up by a hooded man demanding a list of heroin addict prescription drugs.

The 60-year-old woman pharmacist's assistant had a bread knife held to her throat after the robber forced his way into the dispensary.

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