Sleeping rough so others don't have to...

The YMCA’s Sleep Easy event took place on Saturday night, with 167 people bravely "sleeping rough, so others don't have to".

Church Outdoors (Hope ReAct 2008)

Jan '70
Thu 1st

The local Churches are holding a Church service outdoors in Fishponds Park, Ewell Road, Surbiton, KT5 8ST

During the service young people and adults will talk about what their faith means to them and why they believe.

There will be dance and drama performances, music and a speaker who will explain the Christian faith. At the end of the service people are welcome to stay longer for opportunities to ask questions/find out more about the Christian Faith.

Bus routes that pass the Fishponds site are 281, 406, and 418

Virgin Mary visions a fraud

Vatican dismisses 20 years of Surbiton apparitions.

Grooming minister back soon

Update on the child porn pastor.

Child porn church minister guilty

Berrylands minister invites boy to house for naked photo session.

Surbiton recovers from dearth of vicars

After a year and a half without a priest, this week the parish of St. Mark and St. Andrew welcomes the Reverend David Houghton.

Church-goer Mike Gidley said, "It has been hard to find a new priest, firstly because it is a complicated process, but also because there is a shortage of vicars at the moment - not a lot of people want to go into the calling anymore."

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Gloria It's Christmas

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Don't miss this fantastic evening of music. Kingston Orpheus Choir and Lewisham Concert Band join up to present Rutter's Gloria, Mozart's Gloria and a selection of Christmas music and carols. There will also be refreshments and mince pies.

John Kelsall Retrospective

Jan '70
Thu 1st

An event celebrating the life and work of John Kelsall. This event takes place to mark the 20th anniversary of Kelsall's death, which occured on November the 4th, 1986.

Artistic Director - Benjamin Costello

St. Andrew's Church
5pm Choral Evensong
Introit: Kelsall – Eternal God, we look to thee (1979)
Preces and Responses: Kelsall (Fourth Set, 1979)
Canticles: Kelsall – Magnificat (1986) and Nunc Dimittis (completed by Benjamin Costello, 2006)
Psalm Chant: Kelsall in C
Anthem: Kelsall – I call with my whole heart (1969)

Surbiton priest reinstated

Berrylands church centred in gay ordination row.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has reinstated Revd Richard Coekin after an appeal following last November's unauthorised ordination by a South African bishop.

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'Irregular' Ordinations at Berrylands' Christ Church

Local clergy fly in a South African bishop to ordain gay deacons.

Earlier this month an ordination was conducted in defiance of the Diocese of Southwark's bishop Rt Rev Dr Tom Butler.

On November 2nd, Revd Richard Coekin unofficially ordained his staff in defiance of the local Bishop's wishes, resulting in the revoking of his license. The ordinations are thought to be backed by an evangelical network called Reform, that are know to protest against bishops stance on gay and lesbian people.

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