Tesco try again with Tolworth development

After last years protests by local action group, Tolworth Residents against Over Development (TROD), Tesco have submitted new plans to Kingston Borough Council for the proposed redevelopment of their Toby Jug site on the South side of the A3 in Tolworth.

Surbiton house prices up 14% in 3 months

According to the latest Land Registry information release last week, the average house price for the borough had risen 5% between April and June 2006 compare to last year.

Surbiton flood protection plan discussed

Environmental Agency considers £100,000,000 plan to dredge The Thames to alleviate flood risk for lower Thames flood plain.

The plan is similar to those forwarded and dismissed in the 1990s. However, increased population and infrastructure in the risk areas have given the problem a higher priority.

An Environment Agency spokesman said that a public enquiry would almost certainly be conducted before any plan approval.

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Council rejects Southborough nursing home

The plan had been strongly opposed by the local Southborough Residents Association who felt that the proposed building was too large for the site on the corner Langley Avenue and Upper Brighton Road.

Tolworth tower sold to millionaire eye-sore collectors

Sixties tower bought in concrete icon spending spree along with London's Centre Point.

Tolworth Tower up for sale

A bargain at just 60 million quid.

Nursing home windows must come out

Double-glazing installed four years ago considered 'harmful' to conservation area.

Bourne House nursing home in Langley Avenue faces a £150,000 bill to replace the uPVC windows.

Jag Grewa, managing director of London Residential Healthcare failed to get planning permission when he installed the new windows in 2002. He has until May to replace them with timber-framed alternatives as the building is in a conservation area with strict planning rules.

"I simply don't have the money to change 70 windows and where would the residents go? This is their home."

Residents say no to late-night restaurant

Surbiton Italian asks for extended drinking and dancing.

The Terrazza restaurant in Ewell Road has applied to Kingston Council for extended hours, hoping to increase their licence to 3am at weekends and 2am on weekdays. Concerned local Darren Cairnes says, "This is a residential neighbourhood and as residents we do not want or need this."

A spokesman for the restaurant said, "We have been here a very long time and have been playing music already but nobody came and complained. Yet once people saw the application that was it."

Kingston Council licensing department were considering the application on January 11.

Tesco propose landmark development

The Bridge

Project to build massive shopping and residential complex in Tolworth

Plans to redevelop the old Toby Jug and brownfield site South of the A3 in Tolworth have been shown by Tesco.
The proposed development called 'The Bridge' includes the following:

  • 'Landmark' pedestrian bridge crossing A3
  • Over 800 flats
  • Tesco superstore and other shops with parking
  • Public transport interchange by railway station
  • 'Community facilities'

A formal planning application is expected to be submitted before year-end.

Good Festival despite traffic chaos

Festival chairman claims addition of 800-tonne crane 'added to the atmosphere of the festival'.

As predicted, engineering works on the St. Mark's hill railway bridge coupled with this year's Surbiton Festival caused major disruption to the area last weekend.

Though the junction was closed again this week for scheduled follow-up work, the project has been considered a success; positioning six thirty-metre beams across the railway in preparation for the project's spring completion.

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