Food fight!

The French Table take on F Word opponents on Tuesday.

Going down the pants

Millionaire bachelor's Surbiton porn film.

Where is Stella Street?

Stella Street

Surbiton comedy show returns via the internet.

Top Dog

A dog's eye

Surbiton guide dog nominated for BBC prize.

Eastenders real-life husband jailed for Surbiton armed robbery

Life sentence for some cigarettes and £181.

Mark Foley (46), of Chessington was given a life sentence at the Old Bailey after being found guilty of a violent robbery of the Victoria Road Unwins in April 2005. His wife, Eastenders actor Gerry Cowper has since filed for divorce. Ms. Cowper who plays Rosie, wife of slob husband Keith Miller (played by Surbiton actor David Spinx) has recently been written out of the TV soap and will make her last appearance sometime this summer.

Read more in the Kingston Guardian...

Rebels required

A TV documentary on the secrets of suburbia is calling for extraordinary Surbiton residents.

A spokesman of the production company said, 'We are looking to find the real people of the suburbs to tell us how they have rebelled against the conformity of suburbia.'

Read more in The Kingston Guardian or contact sophie.wurzer(a) directly on 020 7985 7094

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