Unhappy bunny

Chocolate train

Easter weekend train disruption.

Hollywood goes to Surbiton

Harry Potter

Harry Potter filming at the station this weekend.

Grim future for commuter fares

SWT Ticket

Government memo shows £400 price rise by 2010 for annual pass.

Time to move Surbiton

Local MPs ask OffRail to consider moving station to London zone 5.

Bike burglar back on the run

Bike locks

ASBO and suspended sentence couldn't stop him.

Man decapitated at Berrylands Station

A man is killed instantly by speeding train after wandering onto the tracks.

South West Trains weekend engineering

Trains from London Waterloo will be unable to call at New Malden or Berrylands. Long-distance train services will run as normal through this area on the lines which remain open.

Disrupted trains this weekend

Passengers for local journeys in the Surbiton area should where possible use the bus service via Tolworth, which will offer faster journeys to and from London Waterloo than the buses via Wimbledon. Late evening services (after 2300) in this area may be replaced by buses for most of their journeys and passengers should check journey details before travelling.

Berrylands station will have no service and passengers should use the local K2 bus service (which will accept valid rail tickets) to connect with trains at Tolworth or Surbiton.

Rail Fares to increase by over 33%!

It looks like Surbiton will be clobbered in a review of London rail fares.

Tom Harris, the rail minister, said the tariff changes brought "seamless travel" closer. "The new system is simple and sensible. It will make train fares in different parts of London consistent," he said.

Maybe so, but a cost - come the 2nd January, Surbiton fares will increase by over a third!

Look at the following Surbiton to Waterloo adult fares:

South West Trains: if you want to sit down, bring a stool

You can't knock them for their innovative thinking. South West Trains, officially Britain's most packed train operator, intend to combat overcrowded carriages by ripping out seats.

Government guideline stipulate that each passenger should have at least 0.54 square metres of floor space, so SWT's solution: get rid of those seats that are taking up all that space. Oh, and while they're at it no doubt put up ticket prices too.

SWT says, "If anything, this will enhance comfort, our experience is that many passengers are happy to stand on short journeys, especially if it means they have more space."

Read more in The Times or The Guardian...

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