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Kingston upon Thames

Berrylands Music Club

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Open floor session


The Bitter Lemons Band Night

Jan '70
Thu 1st

The Bitter Lemons

Tickets £6

Berrylands Scout Group Fireworks Display

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Gates open 6.45pm, bonfire 7.30pm and fireworks 8.00pm

Adults £4 Children £3

Berrylands bin pilot grounded

Rebel councillors block waste collection trial.

After Tuesday nights scrutiny panel meeting, opposition councillors from both Labour and Conservative parties have blocked the scheme citing lack of consultation and the introduction of micro-chipped wheelie bins.

The Lib Dem are said to be furious that the opposition insisted on referring the matter to a full council rather than a special executive meeting that would have given the possibility of the scheme going ahead this year. As it is, it's unlikely to start until June 2008, if at all.

Residents to meet Thames Water over Hogsmill flooding and sewage leaks

After 16 years of grief, Southwood Drive residents' petition initiates dialog with sewage system owners.

Political quarrelling hits Berrylands collection pilot

Tory councillors call for apology from Lib Dem colleagues over lack of notice for waste pilot plan.

A snake up your tail pipe

Berrylands mother discovers baked reptile while on school run.

The smell of burned meat and smoke from the engine compartment alerted Mrs. Muir from The Ridings that something wasn't quite right with her Renault Megane. So after dropping off her child she took her car to Berrylands MOT garage where a mechanic discovered the remains of a North American Corn Snake wrapped around the exhaust manifold.

5 million pound upgrade plan for Grand Avenue School

Plans to replace the two existing buildings is getting near to formal application.

Big Brother bins coming to Berrylands

The upcoming rubbish collection pilot is to include 'chipped' containers.

Vicious attack near King Charles' Road

A cyclist who went to the aid of a young woman calling for help is now recovering in hospital after a brutal assault by two men.

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