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Kingston upon Thames

Smellier Berrylands

A council experiment means two weeks between household rubbish collections.

Tesco try again with Tolworth development

After last years protests by local action group, Tolworth Residents against Over Development (TROD), Tesco have submitted new plans to Kingston Borough Council for the proposed redevelopment of their Toby Jug site on the South side of the A3 in Tolworth.

Surbiton woman experiments with tiger dung

Pan Hillier from Queen's Drive, acquired a load from Chessington Zoo to trial a recent NSPCC charity auction prize.
Apparently the camembert smelling droppings are renowned for deterring small mammals.

After spreading the tiger poo around her garden Mrs Hillier said, 'I did think it would work because I had read about it working with lion poo rather than tiger poo. I like birds and feed the birds but the cats are a nuisance.'

A unknown Ebay user has won a year's supply of the stuff after placing a winning bid of £241.

Can you smell anything strange in the Berrylands area?

Berrylands stinks

Expert says if enough people complain, the council must act.

Record-breaking 28 stone, £25,000 wedding dress

Tolworth wedding gets in the record books for the world's heaviest wedding dress.

Marks and Spencer's Smash and Grab

Thieves break into Tolworth M&S and drive off with linen slacks.

Browns Road stabber gets three life sentences

Surbiton corner shop knife attacker sentenced at Old Bailey.

Forget Hampton Court, it's the Berrylands Flower Show

Famous Berrylands Road garden opens to public for charity.

Tolworth tower sold to millionaire eye-sore collectors

Sixties tower bought in concrete icon spending spree along with London's Centre Point.

10K reward for Surbiton acid vandal

The police offer reward after more attacks from malicious mystery man.

A Geneva Road resident has apparently witnessed what seems to be a drive-by attack after noticing odd behaviour from a middle-aged man spraying liquid while leaning out of his large, grey or green car. This sighting coincided with ten acid attacks on cars in Geneva Road, Lingfield Road and Alfred Road.

Police are offering a £10,000 reward and are asking for anyone with any information to call 0208 5411212 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

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