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20mph speed limits loom for all but four roads in Surbiton

Motorists are a step closer to being forced to drive at 20mph on all of Surbiton’s residential streets – barring four main roads – after a consultation into the changes was extended by councillors.

Blind train commuter 'nearly fell onto tracks' at unmanned station because of faulty announcements

An “intermittent fault” with New Malden station’s announcement system has left a blind woman stranded at unmanned stations and caused her to almost fall onto tracks.

Man approached hospital staff 'desperate for help' weeks before he died

A homeless man who burnt to death in a New Malden street visited Tolworth Hospital “desperate for social assistance” just two weeks before his death.

Tolworth Tower expansion given final green light by Boris Johnson

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has given the final green light for building work to start on four new high-rise blocks next to Tolworth Tower.

Leopard skull found for sale on eBay and seized in Surbiton raid

Leopard skull in police evidence bag

A fully-intact leopard skull listed for sale on eBay lead to a raid and seizure by police in Surbiton.

Boris Johnson will make final Tolworth Tower decision this afternoon

London mayor Boris Johnson will decide this afternoon whether to give the final green light to controversially approved plans for four new high-rise blocks next to Tolworth Tower.

Auschwitz survivor who educated children during Holocaust Memorial Week dies, aged 90

A man who lived through five years at Auschwitz and turned his traumatic experience into a valuable series of talks for Kingston’s schoolchildren about the Holocaust has died.

Cannabis farm pair jailed after police seize 300 plants

Two men have been jailed after police seized £63,000-worth of cannabis from a house in Surbiton.

Surbiton's 'scooter gran' get honorary degree from Kingston University

Surbiton's famous “scooter gran” has received an honorary doctorate from Kingston University.

Fast trains from Surbiton will not be lost in Transport for London takover

Transport for London has quashed the idea that Surbiton will lose fast trains if it takes over and converts South West Trains suburban lines to the London Overground.

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