Tolworth shopkeeper attacked by youths

Gang of twenty teenagers run amok.

Southborough flying high School

Government recognises major improvements.

Red Lion row

Developer presents to public enquiry this week.

Warfare estate

Sunray teenage curfew comes to end.

Mayfair Close is close enough

Executive committee agrees to replace road sign.

Tolworth schools to merge

Southborough High and Tolworth Girls' to be rebuilt on one site.

Tolworth Tower man eyes Woolworths

Property developer bailout hopes for failed high street retailer.

Tesco propose 'throughabout' for A3 interchange

A roundabout with short-cuts through the middle.

New Plans for Tolworth

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Tesco has produced new plans for Tolworth. They now invite you to see how your feedback has influenced their proposals.

  • Improved links across the A3 to Tolworth Broadway
  • More town centre parking
  • A new Tesco store
  • New homes
  • New community facilities

Additional event on Friday 21 November

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